Worship-Summit-Online-smallThe Worship Summit video series will allow churches and worship teams to work through this curriculum together. The 15-part series has downloadable participants’ notes. Dialogue is so important. Do not shortcut the process by leaving out the discussion times. The entire series could be facilitated in a three to four hour session–preferably more than three. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.

To download the videos for using in your church settings, just click on the word, “vimeo” at the lower right of the video image. That will take you to the Vimeo page hosting the video. You will find a download button under the video.

You do have permission to reproduce the participants’ guide and to use the videos in your church settings. I would love to have some feedback as to how the study went with your group.

Thank you.



Session 1: Introduction

What style of worship is appropriate for my church? This video gives an overview of Worship Summit material and opportunities for digging deeper.



In the following video teaching segments, you will be presented material related to all of these issues. I will stop on several occasions with some questions for discussion. These questions will help you apply the material to your life and to your church. Please take time with these before moving on to the next presentation.



Session 2: Personal Worship

Study Guide for Entire Series


Worship Summit Online