In looking at what is shown on screens in churches around NC, I see lots of great stuff. Unfortunately, I see a lot of really bad stuff as well. I am very excited about a new resource that can tremendously help our media teams to create excellent presentations for our worship services.

WorshipMediaHandbookA new church media ebook has just been released — The Worship Media Handbook. It is designed for anyone who is involved in the worship lyric projection process and is looking to improve the quality of their worship slides. It describes in detail the best methods to compose, edit and present professionally crafted worship slides. After reading the handbook you will have a well-rounded knowledge of presentation design and be able to communicate your messages more clearly.

The Worship Media Handbook is a 101 page ebook on the fundamentals of worship projection that will help you and your church media team prepare, edit and project worship lyric slides with excellence.

 Topics Covered

  • Typography: font size, font color, typefaces, styles and effects, leading, tracking, design standards, legibility and all caps.
  • Layout: white space, margins, horizontal and vertical alignment, lines of text, visual silence and title slides.
  • Design theory: color schemes, color meaning, color harmony and visual energy.
  • Editing: line breaks, punctuation, capitalization, spelling and grammar.
  • Presenting: Types of media, using worship backgrounds, transitions and timing and copyright laws.

The book comes in a PDF format and may be reproduced, printed, distributed or transmitted freely as long as it is used exclusively by a community located at one specific building location. (This provision does not apply to multi-site buildings or churches, satellite or secondary locations, church plants at other locations, video venues or educational institutions.)

All the principles in the handbook are universal and are not software or hardware specific. You could be using ProPresenter, MediaShout, EasyWorship or PowerPoint and still find all the principles in the Handbook relevant and timely.

This is the best resource I have seen for worship media personnel. To get more information and to purchase, click here.

In addition, I encourage you to take a look at these posts for additional training for those preparing and operating your worship slides.

Are there additional resources you have found helpful?