Do you seek healthy worship transformation for your church?
Do you want to see biblical worship that engages the people to become active worshippers rather than passive spectators?
Do you seek to create an environment in worship that helps people connect with God each week?
Does your worship team need refreshing and grounding in their understanding of their ministry?
Is there conflict of worship styles in your church?

The Worship Leader Boot Camps have trained thousands of people internationally, offering a total package of training and foundation for worship renewal in the local church.

If you are serious about worship renewal in your church, you should consider participating in this event.

Upcoming Locations:

Johor Bahru Wednesday & Thursday 11-12 June: Worship Leader Boot Camp spread over two nights 7:30 – 10:30.
Johor Bahru Baptist Church |  111 Jalan Dato Sulaiman |  Taman Century | 80250 Johor Bahru  map  website POSTER   JPEG

Ipoh Saturday 14 June: Worship Leader Boot Camp 8:30a.m. – 4:30 pm (lunch RM5)
Menglembu Baptist Church |  10-12A Tingkat Kledang 16 |  Taman Kledang, Menglembu | 31450 Ipoh  POSTER  JPEG

Kuala Lumpur Sunday 15 June: Afternoon intensive classes in bass, guitar, drums, keys, tech, worship leaders, etc.  3:00 – 5:30 pm.
First Baptist Church | 38, Jalan SS17/1D | 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor  map  website  POSTER   JPEG

Our group will be leading the worship service at Kajang Baptist Fellowship Sunday 15 June at 9 am.  12-1, Jln KP1/1, Kajang Prima, 43000 Kajang Selangor. Facebook page.  POSTER   JPEG

Our worshipASIA team will lead Worship Leader Boot Camps in several locations to help churches get on track in worship through intense training for worship leadership. This event is great for churches seeking to transition to newer styles of worship, as well as churches already worshipping in more modern worship styles. 

No worship renewal is possible apart from God’s Spirit, and our time will be filled with worship, prayer, and dependence upon God.


If you pre-register for the Johor Bahru or Ipoh event, you are guaranteed a 100-page Worship Leader Handbook. Register for the Johor Bahru and Ipoh events here. (lunch at Ipoh RM5)

Register for the Kuala Lumpur Intensives here.

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RW-Bullet Worship Leader Boot Camp

Johor Bahru and Ipoh (see sidebar for date, time, and locations) 

Who should attend?

Your worship leaders – band, singers, technicians, pastor – should attend the Worship Leader Boot Camp to further gain a grounding in musical issues that will provide tools for worship renewal, particularly focused on moving a church from a group of spectators to a body of active participants in worship. We recommended that you bring many people from your church, especially church leaders. During this time they will wrestle with critical issues and discuss implications on their local church’s worship.

What’s it all about? 

Churches throughout the world are struggling with what style of worship is appropriate for their setting. Many churches find themselves dying, stuck to old forms of worship that once were very meaningful, yet now don’t seem to engage the people in meaningful worship nor speak a language that the unchurched can understand. In the 50’s and 60’s, worship was pretty similar among churches of the same denomination and most sang from a common source—the denominational hymnal. Today, things have changed drastically and church leaders are struggling to determine what their church’s corporate worship should look like. There are many factors to consider in this quest.


The first part of our training (Worship Summit) will help leaders dive into some very important issues impacting corporate worship:

  • What is the biblical basis of worship?
  • What does it mean to worship God with all our being?
  • What role should personal preferences play in worship?
  • How should culture impact corporate worship?
  • How should a missionary mindset impact corporate worship?
  • How is worship and discipleship intertwined?
  • Is unified worship the best way to go?
  • What style of worship is appropriate for my church?
  • If a church does sense God’s leadership to change, how can that be done in a healthy, God-honoring, people-loving manner with biblical and musical excellence?

After covering the foundations of worship outlined above, we will add intensive training for the worship leadership of a church in these areas:

  1. KL1Leadership development to help people grow in their ability to be worship leaders and understand how to be sensitive in their work.
  2. How to select (and where to find) new songs for worship, putting them through the proper filters for text and music. How do you determine that a song is appropriate for your church?
  3. Mechanics of worship-learning how to put together a set list, gaining skills for producing sets of music with a seamless flow by considering key textual relationships. Participants will gain tools for planning a worship service and learn how to produce a worship plan/guide that will aid in service implementation.
  4. Corporate worship in practice-looking at common pitfalls, rehearsal basics, and how to have ongoing evaluation to improve your worship team’s leadership.

This event is great for churches that are seeking to transition to newer styles of worship
as well as for churches who already are worshipping in more modern worship styles.

RW-Bullet Worship Intensives in Kuala Lumpur

Meet-the-teamSunday 15 June: Afternoon  3:00 – 5:30 pm.
First Baptist Church | 38, Jalan SS17/1D | 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor  map  website  registration  POSTER

The worshipASIA team will be offering 2.5 hour intensive training for:

  • Guitars
  • Bass
  • Keyboards
  • Drums
  • Tech – Audio/Video
  • Worship Leaders
Please register to help us in preparation.

Conference Leader


Kenny Lamm, senior consultant for worship and music for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (an association of 4,300 churches), served 23 years as worship pastor of Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville, North Carolina. The church experienced worship renewal under his leadership and became a model for many churches seeking to transform and improve their worship services. Kenny is a frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. His heart for the nations has also taken him to international fields of service. He and the worshipASIA team have led worship training events extensively in recent years, with a strong focus on training leaders in Southeast Asia. Kenny has gained much insight into worship in Southeast Asia after six worship leader equipping tours through many regions of Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asian countries, including two months living in Kuala Lumpur, working with churches in worship renewal. The curriculum used in these training events continues to be used extensively in equipping worship leaders in churches in the US and Asia; thousands of people have attended these events.  Kenny’s blog, www.RenewingWorshipNC.org, has received international attention for its practical helps for worship leaders. Kenny received his bachelor’s degree in music from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, master’s degree in church music from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and completed doctoral studies in worship to receive the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Worship Studies from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois. Connect with Kenny.

What people are saying:

As Senior Pastor of Hopewell Baptist Church, I found myself less than excited when our Minister of Music asked me to attend the Minister of Music Retooling Retreat—a fancy name for a worship conference in January 2011. The daunting responsibilities of leading a thriving church family are a 24/7 job, and, frankly, I was a bit irritated that I had even been asked to accompany our Music Minister—surely he could handle this on his own. So imagine my surprise when I found myself totally enthralled with Kenny Lamm and his leadership throughout the entire experience! Every detail was attended to, questions raised and answered and he has a powerful delivery of a very simple message: “We were created to worship!” I found myself challenged in my preconceived notions of worship and was able to look beyond that to the true purpose of actually leading our congregation to our King!

Dr. Lee Pigg, Hopewell Baptist Church, Monroe

Jason-at-Awaken-rwThe things I learned at boot camp were exactly what I needed. It has been my desire to be a worship leader rather than a choir director and here I found the resources, tools, guidance and a vision of the direction to lead the church in. I was very impressed with the study of worship in the Bible and all of the practical tips. The demonstrations were also beneficial to see how best to transition from one song to the next. The worship leader guidebook is very informative and an asset to have. At camp I caught a glimpse of what worship can and should be and it fed my soul!

Charla Buchanan, Robbinsville First Baptist

The Worship Summit with Kenny Lamm was one of the most complete and practical discussions on Biblical Worship that I have experienced in many years.  As a worship leader, I left equipped with tools, quotes, and scriptures in which I could defend the principles of worship that I have been trying to apply within my own congregation.  I think representatives from churches of all sizes and musical styles can use the information gleaned here to make more spiritually-focused decisions regarding worship within their local context.

Chris Bridges, Pastor of Worship & Communications, Southside Baptist Church, Mooresville, NC

KL2I have already spoken and forwarded information to other musicians about the workshop, Excluding the Bible, I think this is the best Worship tool anyone can have in their library. We laughed, we cried and we healed spiritually. I’ll never worship the same again, and I will do it again. It’s about the audience of one, God.

Joel Robertson, South Estatoe Baptist, Micaville

As pastor, I was confirmed in the direction that our worship team and I have been going. Worship is not about contemporary versus traditional, but about engaging our congregation to encounter the Lord. The time spent with my worship team helped in bonding us together in this common purpose.

Bob Ferguson, Archdale First Baptist

KL4The things they don’t teach you in college that you can only learn in an experience &/or mentoring scenario, were what I most remember. It was immensely helpful. I could have stayed eight more hours.

Jennifer Lassiter, Archdale First Baptist

Mostly an appreciation for the fact that there is someone out there helping churches and worship leaders understand the biblical importance of what we do, the need to do it to the best of our ability, and the need to be relevant in relating to our congregations. The section on personal and corporate worship was something everyone who sings or plays in a church should hear.

Chris Jolly, Nags Head Church.

A Note to Senior Pastors

Recently the Transylvania Baptist Association had the privilege to host a Worship Leader Boot Camp led by Kenny Lamm, Senior Consultant for Worship and Music Ministry of the Baptist State Convention of NC.

Often one of the least prepared portions of our services is our worship. This is due to many misunderstandings of the foundation, purpose, focus, formation, and organization of corporate worship. During our training session, Kenny took the time to unpack each of these areas and far more. This training is ideal for churches that are not only seeking to honor God with their best on Sundays, but also this will help them to find new ways to be culturally relevant in the process. The importance of equipping our leaders cannot be over stated. During this training your worship teams will have the opportunity to revision and retool with many interactive activities that bless staff and volunteers alike. Also, unlike many training events you will not only learn about worship, but it will be modeled as well.

I would highly recommend this event for any church and encourage not only worship leaders and teams to attend but also pastors and directors of missions/associational missionaries. As a church health consultant, I will be encouraging every church I work with to attend this training. This event accomplishes in two days what often takes months if not longer to achieve. As it was stated by Kenny at the training, “Remember, we worship an audience of One.”

Dr. Chuck Campbell
Associational Missionary
Transylvania Baptist Association

Boot_Camp 300

 A note from Kenny

I am excited to be returning to Malaysia! Your country has had a special place in my heart since I first visited in 2002. This will be my seventh time to have the joy of coming alongside your work there.  Please keep us in your prayers in our preparation and ministry.

Thank you! I hope to see many of you soon. Please pass the word around!

Kenny Lamm