I often get questions about worship practices in our NC Baptist churches. During COVID, those questions greatly increased–especially concerning COVID practices–masking, congregational singing, choirs, etc. I had no system in place to quickly gather data from a large sampling of churches across the state.

I am forming a new group of NC Baptist leaders who are willing to answer brief polls on occasion to help us know what is happening in our churches. This new group will be formed to get quick answers to a brief survey of 1-3 questions–usually multiple choice answers for quick response. Results will be shared with you to help you keep your pulse on what is happening in other NC Baptist churches. You can submit questions to me that you would like to see in future polls as well.

If you are a leader from a NC Baptist church, just fill out this form to be added to this elite group. For a few weeks, you will also receive our weekly worship email. After we move the poll to another application in early 2022, you may unsubscribe from that email if you desire.

Kenny Lamm