I have been looking closely at the tasks a worship leader must do each week to plan, rehearse, and implement a worship service with excellence. Over the next few weeks, I will present a practical guide that can help you as you move a worship service from conception to implementation, looking closely at several areas (see below). I will present the tasks that a part-time leader (15-20 hours/week) should do and the additional items a full-time person could additionally do. Since the majority of our churches are multi-generational, I will take the approach of a leader of such a church with a choir, band, and perhaps a vocal team. You can, of course, make adaptations according to your specific situation.

Here’s an overview of this series (see the intro here):

  • Planning the worship service. We will look at everything from sitting down with your pastor and exploring upcoming sermon concepts to choosing appropriate congregational and presentational music. We discuss how to find creative elements to infuse in the service and ways to organize your plan for best implementation.
  • Preparing the choir. Once songs are selected, how do we get the most out of our choirs/vocal teams to prepare them to be amazing worship leaders? How can we help them be successful? We talk about rehearsal planning and implementation, practice tracks, discipleship, and much more.
  • Preparing the band. We will deal with scheduling issues, technologies to assist you, band charts, mp3s, rehearsals, and more.
  • Preparing the media. How can our media enhance the worship service? How do we conceptualize and implement what will show on the screens in our church?
  • Preparing the congregation. This part is so often overlooked. How do we help our congregations personally prepare for our times of corporate worship? This can be a huge benefit for corporate worship when our people are adequately prepared.
  • Preparing personally for worship. How do you as a worship leader personally prepare for the corporate worship service? This can make a powerful impact on your leadership.
  • Corporate worship! How do we implement all that we have prepared for?