Worship Leader Boot Camp: BEYOND EXTREME

Worship Leader Boot Camp: BEYOND EXTREME

Intense Online Worship Leader Training Launching in May

Recently I wrote about the five varieties of Worship Leader Boot Camps offered in 2018. The most intense one is a 12-week hybrid class: Worship Leader Boot Camp: BEYOND EXTREME.

This class takes all the material described above for the Worship Leader Boot Camp EXTREME and expands it to a 12-week online class with weekly video class meetings. A small group selected to participate in these classes will work through online video teaching, resources, projects, forums, etc. to learn the material thoroughly. The group will meet each week with the instructor in a video conference to discuss the material. Additionally, there is much interaction online with the instructor and classmates. Two weeks are devoted to completing a final project for the class. Participants must be committed to the entire 12 weeks. This class is limited to NC Baptists unless openings are available a week before the class begins.

Worship Leadership Certificate and College Credit

Successful completion of this class grants college credit towards any degree at Fruitland Baptist Bible College. Also, all who complete the course satisfactorily will be granted a Basic Certificate in Worship Leadership by Fruitland Baptist Bible College.

Overview of Core Material

Here’s an overview of the basic material for the course. This BEYOND EXTREME class adds much supplemental material to the basics.

Want to Participate?

This class runs May 20-August 18, 2019. The July 4th week will be a class mid-term break. The cost for this course is $149 for NC Baptists ($175 for others as space allows).

If you are from a NC Baptist church and are interested in this class, please fill out this form and you will be contacted. If you are not from a NC Baptist church and are interested in this class, fill out this form.

This class will encourage and equip worship leaders to guide their churches in worship renewal and greater participation in worship.

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Final Project

The projects, assignments, class lessons and more lead up to the final project outlined below. Skills needed to complete the project will be acquired during the class. As you can see, the course works towards meeting the needs of your weekly work to plan, rehearse and lead transformational worship experiences for your church.

Plan a Sunday morning worship service.
Preferably use WorshipPlanning.com or other online planning application.

  • Select the sermon topic and synopsis for the morning
  • Select songs for the congregation with consideration of key links and text links. You may use the conference song list or songs that your congregation knows. Include one new song in the service and note how you are using it/introducing it.
  • Select other elements of worship such as presentation music (choir, ensemble, etc.) Scripture reading, drama, video, liturgical dance, etc.
  • Create a flow from beginning to end.
  • Plan the way each song will be presented, instrumentation, sequence, presentation, verbal inclusions (if any).
  • Plan all transitions.
    • For songs, look at seamlessly joining any groups of two or more. Plan out exactly how that will play out. Which of the three types of music transitions will you use to connect two or more songs?
    • For all other elements, plan how one element will flow to the other. Be specific.
  • PREPARATION once the plan is made
    • Describe how you will prepare the worship leaders for the service.
      Musicians, anyone speaking, technicians, etc.
    • Describe how you will prepare the worshippers for the service.
      How will you help them be prepared to come to worship this week?
    • Describe how you will prepare yourself for the service.

The final project should clearly show the sermon information, the worship order with clear notations about the transitions (musical, verbal, other) and commentary to help the reader fully understand the plan and how to implement it. Following the service plan, describe in detail the preparation that will be done for the worship leaders (see above), congregation, and yourself.



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Kenny Lamm

Worship Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. A frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. Extensive work in worship renewal in several Asian countries.

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