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Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part Four – Worship Backing Band

Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part Four – Worship Backing Band

When we first reviewed the original MultiTrack player for churches from the folks over at Worship Backing Band, we discovered a very easy to use software package for small churches wanting to fill in for missing musicians by adding top quality multi track instruments tracks to their existing worship team.

Now Worship Backing Band’s upgraded version, the Pro Wav Player still keeps the simplicity of the original software interface but incorporates a whole host of new features that add flexibility and allow the software to follow your worship leading, even if you decide to make changes on the spur of the moment.

New features include:

  • Loop, repeat or jump to any song section
  • Key and tempo change
  • High definition uncompressed wav audio
  • Drag and drop instant play list changes
  • Import your own song wavs

All features are controllable via hot keys or an optional footswitch.

What you get in each song.

There are still 14 instrument stems in each song (including both lead and background vocals) that you can mix so the idea is you mute the instruments you have playing live in your worship team and let the MultiTracks fill in for your missing musicians.

You can Solo any stem to easily hear the exact instrument part, which makes the Pro Wav Player great for practice too! Then loop the part over and over and even slow complicated sections right down until you get the hang of it.

EditorsPick14 Tracks (Stems)

  1. Two bar Intro Click
  2. Lead Vocals
  3. Background Vocals
  4. Acoustic Guitar
  5. Electric Guitar 1
  6. Electric Guitar 2
  7. Keyboards 1
  8. Keyboards 2
  9. Bass
  10. Drums
  11. Extras – auxiliary parts that don’t readily fit into the stems above
  12. Click – full length 8th note click
  13. Natural Click – shaker click for when users aren’t using the individual foldback and front of house mix functions
  14. Vocal Cue – spoken word vocal cue for upcoming sections and lyrics


Each stem also has two completely independent volume sliders, so from your standard laptop headphone output you can set up two distinct mixes: one for the congregation to hear and the other as a foldback mix for the band’s monitors. So if you only want the band to hear the click tracks and vocal cues, you can, or maybe if your lead vocalist needs support you can add a little in the foldback and more in the front of house.

If you’ve ever tried to follow a backing track without vocals, you’ll likely know how sometimes challenging it is. That’s where Worship Backing Band is fairly unique in this space – most of the alternative players and tracks don’t include vocals  (only LifeWayWorship tracks and iSingWorship). Worship Backing Band also has far more tracks than the other virtual band options.

The Pro Wav Player gives you all the key functionality of MultiTrack DAW software like Ableton Live but in a far simpler interface that is designed specially for live church worship. The audio is now upgraded to studio quality wav files too and you can even import your own wavs if you want to change one of the MultiTrack instrument parts or even add one of your own songs!

And as the Pro Wav Player works with standard wav files, the Pro Wav Stems song files can also be used in Ableton Live or any DAW software should you ever want to upgrade to one of the more powerful but complex and bigger budget MultiTrack solutions. There is even a fully configured Ableton session within each song file should you ever want to go that route.

Free tracks

Each month there is usually a free MultiTrack backing track. You simply need to be signed up with Worship Backing Band to qualify. Create an account here.

It’s free and you’ll also start to receive the weekly newsletter they send out with Musicademy on worship resources and other great information for worship musicians.





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