Worship Backing Band Releases a New iPad Multitrack Player

Worship Backing Band Releases a New iPad Multitrack Player

I have highlighted a number of options for churches to use that do not have adequate musician resources in leading worship. One of those virtual bands is produced by the good folks at Musicademy.com–the Worship Backing Band. They have just released an iPad player that will meet the needs of many worship leaders. Take a look at this great, new product.

iPad MultiTrack Player

Keeping with their simple-to-use methodology, the Worship Backing Band iPad Player is a step up from Worship Backing Band’s PC/Mac Player with some additional features such as ambient pads for song transitions, a global mix option, the ability to save and name playlists, easy iCloud storage and more.

Find out more about the iPad MultiTrack Player


The iPad MultiTrack Player features:

  • New iPad touchscreen interface design
  • 14 instrument stems inc. vocals, clicks and cues
  • Mix mute or solo any instrument stem
  • Loop or jump to any song section
  • Key change and tempo change
  • MIDI footswitch compatible
  • Ambient pads for seamless song transitions
  • Save and name setlists/playlists
  • Lossless audio compression for easy song import/iCloud storage
  • Free access to uncompressed WAV song stems for PC/Mac/DAW use
  • New users get four free iPad MultiTracks PLUS two free multi-tracks of your choice!
  • Existing users get iPad versions of all previously purchased WBB MultiTracks
  • iCloud Drive MUST be enabled to download and use the Player

There are comprehensive video help guides which also provide a detailed tour of all the Player’s functionality on their FAQ pages.

Buy now from the App Store then head over to the Worship Backing Band website to purchase songs. Buy individual tracks, save with bundle pack discounts and get their free MultiTrack of the month.

Buy the iPad Player on the App store and come back to Worship Backing Band to buy the MultiTracks. You will also have free access to iPad versions of all your existing WBB MultiTracks that you have bought in the past.

Also, Musicademy offers afree track of the monththat is available in formats both for the PC/Mac Player and the iPad.

Check out this great, new product today.

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Some questions answered

I need more information about the iPad player before I buy

They’ve created a series of how-to videos that explain every aspect of the Player.

I want to use the old PC/Mac Player as well as the iPad player. Will you be charging me twice?

You will need to buy the new iPad player (as well as the PC/Mac Player that you already have) but when you buy tracks you’ll get the PC/Mac/DAW MultiTracks as well as the iPad versions. You’ll get iPad versions for all your existing WBB MultiTracks free-of-charge.

Will the iPad tracks work in any other programs?

No. You will need the Worship Backing Band iPad Player to play the tracks. However, once you have purchased the tracks you will also get a standard uncompressed WAV file which you can use in any DAW such as Ableton as well as Worship Backing Band’s Mac/PC MultiTrack Player.

What about technical support?

They’ve tried to make the iPad Player as intuitive and simple-to-use as possible but if you need some extra help they’ve created an extensive FAQ section on their website as well as email technical support.

What about other tablets?

At the moment the Player is iPad only.

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Worship Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. A frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. Extensive work in worship renewal in several Asian countries.

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