I am looking forward to worshipping with you at the AMS conference! Finding a common body of songs known by everyone today is more difficult with all the varying styles of music used in worship in our churches. To help us all be familiar with songs we will use in our times of worship, I have prepared this page for you.

Take time to be familiar with these songs before we gather to worship. Use these songs in your personal worship times leading up to the conference.

I may be adding a couple more in the next few days as I learn more about music needs for the conference.

Kenny Lamm


Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me

Living Hope

Change My Heart, O God

What He’s Done

Hymn of Heaven

Goodness of God

This Is Amazing Grace

Holy Forever

Agnus Dei

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

In Christ Alone

What a Beautiful Name

There’s Something About That Name

When We All Get to Heaven

The Solid Rock