In my meetings with worship leaders in the past weeks, there is much questioning about what we can do for Christmas this year. With all the social distancing, concerns about large groups singing, etc., it certainly cramps the usual Christmas presentations.

You don’t need to shutter Christmas just because of a pandemic! Think outside the box and come up with ways to really celebrate this season. Here are a few things to get your creative juices going. Please add to the comments ways you have determined to move forward with Christmas music celebrations to share with others. There is so much we can learn from each other these days.

  • Bring back a musical you have done in the past that won’t require lots of rehearsing.
  • Create a way to present much of the musical with solos, duets, small ensembles, etc.
  • Pick two or more pieces to put together virtual choir numbers. With this, a few live singers can begin the song in person, to be joined by the masses in the virtual choir on screen and in the house audio. This can be extremely powerful while negating some of the risks.
  • Utilize the arts in many ways with monologue, drama, readings, Bible reading, and more.
  • If you have handbells, you can have each player have two bells at a music stand, spaced out in a safe distance and playing songs that can be achieved without table effects or bell changes.
  • Make use of Zoom (or other platform) rehearsals to learn the music.
  • Do an outdoor nativity with a few choral numbers outside where singing is safer.

Don’t shrink back! Find a way to make this Christmas special. Our people may need it more than ever. Here are some resources to help.

How to Create a Virtual Choir (Band, Praise Team, Orchestra) Video

How to Hold a Zoom Rehearsal

What ideas would you share with us?