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Two Great Songs for Intergenerational Worship

Two Great Songs for Intergenerational Worship

I see a trend in churches across the country of bringing the generations together in worship rather than dividing our congregations by age and style preferences. Some songs rise to the top as songs that resonate with all generations. Two songs that I have seen this year become favorites of many congregations are He Will Hold Me Fast and Living Hope.

He Will Hold Me Fast

This song, written by Matt Merker and made popular by Keith & Kristyn Getty, speaks of God’s guidance, care, encouragement and hope in our lives. If you have a great violinist, I encourage you to include the extended introduction and use that as a time to place Scripture passages on screen or other guidance to help people place their burdens on God.

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Living Hope

This song was written by Phil Wickham and Brian Johnson, and it proclaims the gospel in a powerful way. Running through the song are themes of mercy, grace, redemption and salvation. This is truly a great modern hymn with rich lyrics.

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What newer songs are working in your intergenerational congregations?

Add your comments below to share your thoughts on great new songs for intergenerational worship. I will compile a listing in a future blog post.

About The Author

Kenny Lamm

Worship Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. A frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. Extensive work in worship renewal in several Asian countries.

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  1. Samantha MILNER

    Today is my 1st time to your web page and I am so very grateful, in that it covered topics and questions that I was seeking out. All the topics and info are all so in-depth and was a great source, for even newbies like myself and it is a great resource for any individual to educate themselves and also having the ability to spend more time in necessary areas of interest thanks to the self-paced perk of the program. And one of the most important, if not the top alone most important aspect of this program is that everything is fully inspired and led by the Holy Spirit. ALL-IN-ALL…
    I ABSOLUTELY ENJOYED READING INFORMATION AND EXPLORING EVERYTHING ON YOU-GUYS WEBPAGE. This one resource covers everything I am seeking out in this avenue along my walk and journey with Jesus of Nazareth, my Savior.


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