In part two of the first night of our Renewing Worship EXPO, Mike Harland, director of LifeWayWorship, shared general trends and paradigms in worship. Take a look at the first part of the presentation.

NOTE: The audio problems have been repaired in the video and audio files.

Below is an outline of the points from Mike’s talk:


From My Point of View–General Trends

  • Unified Worship Services
  • Technology Invades (streaming, stems, visuals)
  • Inter-Generational Leadership (choirs/teams)
  • Kid’s Choir and Student Choirs
  • Worship Teams and/or Choirs
  • Minister of Music or Worship Pastor? Artist or Shepherd?

Ministry Paradigms

  • Concentric Circles of Discipleship
  • Integrated Worship Ministry (shared ministry)
  • Intentional Song Velocity
  • Emphasis on Engagement (vs. attraction)
  • The Return of Corporate Prayer (vs. service prayer)
  • The Rise of the Segue (worship set)
  • Not Everything That Can Be Done Should Be


Go Deeper

Go deeper by reading Mike’s book, Worship Essentials, available here.

To learn more about how to flesh these essentials out, consider one of our Worship Leader Boot Camps.