As East City Church transitions its worship service to a unified style of worship (see story), they will need to determine how the video components of the service will be handled. Incorporating video in the services should be far more than just projecting lyrics and maybe a sermon outline on screen. There needs to be intentionality in what goes on screen from the time people enter until they leave. Here are some points to consider:

  1. ProPresScreenShotEnlist & train operators to run video for worship. Discover people with tech ability that can utilize their gifts in this way.  Train your computer operators on the software they will be using in worship so they are comfortable enough to navigate through times you veer off the “written plan.” (See post, When God Shows Up, What Happens to the “Order of Worship?”) You need to relay expectations, including attendance at needed rehearsals (no on the fly presentations).
  2. Determine who will have responsibility of putting together the entire worship service’s video support. It is an enormous responsibility to orchestrate the video enhancements of the service from the time people enter until the time people exit. Of course, you can begin with only utilizing video for song lyrics and perhaps sermon aids, but there is so much more that can be accomplished! The person overseeing the production of the video sequence should be responsible for:
        • Construction of complete order of worship with tech notes clearly showing all media needed, songs, etc. and clear directions as to how these are to be used in the worship service.
        • All songs with correct lyrics in the correct sequencing entered in worship software.
        • Videos from the Worship Planning Team, missions team, pastoral staff, etc.  prepared in proper sequence and in proper format (no streaming allowed, unless live video).
        • Insertion of PowerPoint, Keynote, or other media to support sermon.
        • All Scripture passages from the translation being used by the presenter.
        • Any readings or other congregational involvement needing media support.
What are some additional items that need to be considered?
Next week: coaching the worship leader through the process. Take a look.