As East City Church transitions its worship service to a unified style of worship (see story), they will need to take a close look at calendaring all the needed rehearsals and meetings to support the new service.

With all of the added pieces involved in transitioning ECC corporate worship outlined in the earlier steps, there are likely more times of meeting and rehearsal needed in the weekly calendar. They should take time to consider all of those needs now. Here are some possibilities:

  • Choir rehearsal. Choral-SingingThis is probably already on the calendar, but it may need to be altered due to other rehearsal needs and the changing role of the choir.
  • Instrumental rehearsal. You will probably need at least one hour prior to Sunday. It could be more, depending upon how quickly the band can grasp the music, transitions, etc.
  • Worship planning team. This team should meet weekly for at least one hour. Much preparatory work can be done remotely via email or other means.
  • Vocal team rehearsal. This could be with the instrumental rehearsal, depending on the ability of the vocalists and instrumentalists. If vocalists can harmonize without teaching parts or if they learn them independently, then less time is needed for just the vocalists.
  • Sunday morning rehearsal. If rehearsals go well during the week, this could be just a complete run-through of all music in the service. Allow ample time for fixing musical and technical issues. Always allow time for prayer. Video and audio tech crew would have to be present for this rehearsal,
  • Other rehearsals. As ECC looks at their plans for the new service, there may be additional rehearsals or meetings that are needed.


Next week: Determine how the video components will be handled. Take a look.