Churches all across our state are struggling to really engage their congregations in transformational worship. Too often it seems our congregations are spectators rather than active participants–they seem to have lost their passion for worshipping God. It seems this issue has taken on epidemic proportions in churches across our nation.

NC Baptists are coming alongside church leaders in combatting this problem and renewing the worship in their churches. One of the primary ways this will be done is through offering practical, proven training that will equip worship leaders with the understanding and tools they need to become more effective in their ministries. Training options include undergraduate and graduate certificates issued by accredited schools. The various options address the core competencies worship leaders need to lead their teams and congregations well.

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This training is essential to churches going through a revitalization process. The curriculum is great for part-time and volunteer worship leaders who have little or no formal training in worship leadership as well as seasoned full-time leaders.

Specifically, the training equips worship leaders to better serve their churches in leading times of transformational worship with multigenerational congregations. In addition to establishing biblical foundations of worship, participants will gain practical insights into leading every aspect of a vibrant worship ministry.

Participants will receive an expansive Worship Leader Handbook that goes deeper into all of the concepts presented at the event. The handbook has just just undergone its seventh revision, having been used by thousands of worship leaders worldwide and has been available in four languages. 

It all begins with a 3-day retreat at one of our NC Baptist conference centers.

These intense retreats are designed to refresh and equip worship leaders through an experience covering the essentials of worship leadership, guided by the handbook. The retreats begin at lunch on Thursday and continue through Saturday afternoon.

Those that pursue one of the certificate options will receive additional training in a number of areas through online experiences and assignments following the initial 3-day training event.

Some of the other topics covered include:

    • Planning worship services that really engage the congregation.
    • Making disciples through the worship ministry.
    • Preparing the entire worship team to lead well.
    • Helping the congregation to worship well in all of life.
    • Incorporating media into the service.
    • Selecting the best songs for worship.
    • Planning and implementing smooth transitions in worship.
    • Personal preparation to lead worship.
    • Leading change in a healthy manner.

The Baptist State Convention of NC is underwriting a significant amount of the cost of this training to make it more affordable to our church leaders.

There are three training options that worship leaders may choose from:

#1 ADvanced Worship Leader Training Retreat

This three-day retreat at one of our conference centers will go deep into the areas mentioned above. These retreats will be an immersive experience using the newly updated and expanded Worship Leader Boot Camp curriculum that has trained thousands of worship leaders worldwide in the last twenty years. This retreat and the handbook stand alone as a time of encouragement and training for worship leaders. All participants will set goals for their lives and ministries as a result of the training. After the retreat is complete, participants will have access to additional curated online learning experiences through our learning portal (videos, podcasts, documents, etc.) that will further deepen their knowledge of leading worship well. Dates are available at each of our three conference centers to provide more convenient locations. COST: $235* includes two nights in conference center lodging and seven meals.

You can attend the Charity retreat for only $75. This location has nice bunkhouse accommodations.

#2 Basic Certificate in Worship Leadership offered through Fruitland Baptist Bible College. (Undergraduate Certificate)

This is a fully-accredited certificate issued by Fruitland Baptist Bible College, that you will receive upon successful completion of this track. Participants will begin with the 3-day retreat outlined in #1 above and continue with online learning experiences. Participants will have written work to complete related to the content from the retreat and online resources. A final project of planning a worship service with full details is required. COST: $235* (for the 3-day retreat) PLUS $125 for the certificate online program that follows. Total cost for the hybrid class (retreat and online program) is $360. If you attend the Charity retreat, the total costs are $75 for the retreat and $125 for the certificate for a total of $200. Click here to see a syllabus for the class.

#3 Class at Southeastern Seminary as part of the Graduate Certificate in Worship Ministry offered through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Participants who want to earn the graduate certificate will take four courses at SEBTS to fulfill the certificate requirements. One of the classes is fulfilled through the NC Baptist training outlined here. The class (MUS 7678) follows the plan of option #2 with additional assignments and projects. A course syllabus is available for further information. The other three classes required are online or hybrid classes, requiring very little on-campus time. Those classes are Personal Discipleship and Disciple-making, The Ministry of Worship and The Doctrine of Worship. COST: BSCNC receives $235* (total cost including 3-day retreat). In addition, participants will be responsible for the tuition for all four classes, currently $300/course. The total outlay for this graduate-level certificate is $1,435 (plus course materials and application fees).
(Note: One or two of these four classes may require a couple of days on campus at SEBTS. Students enrolled at SEBTS may take MUS7678 for three hours of credit to help fulfill a degree; those students should select this option.  The SEBTS graduate certificates are tailor-made for students looking for seminary training in a flexible and easily accessible format. Students in the certificate program have the flexibility to continue serving the church while getting the ministry preparation they need for effective ministry. Their graduate certificates are perfect for anyone looking for an on-ramp into seminary degrees, specialized training in addition to a current degree track, or alumni wanting to take specific courses for more effective ministry.) Check out these links for more information from SEBTS: Program. Policies.

Note: Participants signing up for this option MUST choose the Caraway Conference Center option for the retreat site/dates.
These dates are selected to work with the semester calendar for SEBTS.

*Costs will be slightly less for double occupancy rooms (TBA) and considerably less for commuters (TBA). These options may not be available due to contractual agreements with our conference centers. Class times run late, so only those who live very close to the conference center should consider the commuter option.


One of the most helpful ministry trainings I have ever attended

The Renewing Worship Conference was one of the most helpful ministry trainings I have ever attended. I am a student pastor who helps lead worship in our student ministry and the things I learned at this conference are taking our ministry to the next level.

Zach McCraw, Lawndale Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC

This training will educate, empower and encourage you

I strongly recommend the Worship Leader Boot Camp for anyone involved in Music ministry at their church. Kenny Lamm has compiled such valuable information and resources, incorporated his expertise on Music and Worship Leadership and substantiated it with scripture and the Word of God to prepare and instruct those of us that are called into this wonderful ministry. Whether you are a volunteer, in part-time or in full-time ministry, this training will educate, empower and encourage you as you lead your congregation to praise God! 

Monica Otten
Music Director, Prospect Baptist Church, Albemarle, NC

It will give you a heart to serve the local church

The Worship Leader Training is second to none!  You WILL be blessed and encouraged by this training, just as I was!  It will challenge you to “Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually” in all things, and it will give you a heart to serve the local church in any context that Christ places you.”

Jeffrey Cagle
Exalt Band Director, Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Durham NC

I have grown as a worship leader

I am so grateful for Kenny and for this training opportunity. I have grown as a worship leader on Sundays, but even more so, throughout the week as an encourager and equipper for my team. I’m three months into a new ministry position and it’s been so helpful to have the resources to go back to as I navigate worship ministry in a new setting. Coming back to the WHY of what we do often is so necessary and helpful. Thank you NC Baptists for offering resources and training opportunities to NC Baptist worship leaders.

Jonathan Waggett, Hyde Park Baptist Church, Lumberton, NC

I was beginning to feel outdated

As a long-term volunteer music director of my church for over 40 years. I was beginning to feel I was outdated and it was perhaps time to retire from the ministry even though I had not felt God’s calling to do so. But I felt very inadequate with all the changes in music, technology, and resources. The worship training I attended gave me so many resources that I could use and allowed me to go back and make the most improvements in my church’s worship experience that I had in many years. Thank you, Kenny and NC Baptists!

Terry Rogers
Chesterfield, SC

Get there!

I attended the Worship Leader Extreme Boot Camp and it was nothing short of amazing. Kenny has fully answered his calling to serve churches, aspiring, and current worship leaders. The information presented is up-to-date and most of all theologically sound. If you’re an aspiring worship leader or are currently leading worship and are seeking biblically sound instruction, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss. Get there!

Chris Conner

Encouraging, uplifting and challenging

The worship leading course was an encouraging, uplifting and challenging class. The course really challenged me to think about why and how we worship and more importantly, how to incorporate the entire congregation, of all ages and interests, into the participation of group worship. I’ve since been able to express more freedom in my personal worship and also help our team learn to transition more smoothly between songs and be more deliberate about song selection. 

Olivia Laramore
Worship Leader interim, praise team member and preschool music teacher
Glenn View Baptist Church in Winston Salem, NC


Recommended whether you have been in ministry for years or you are just beginning your journey

The Worship Leader training gave me a new perspective on leading corporate worship in the gathered church. Kenny’s insight and teaching gave me a renewed appreciation for the calling to lead worship God placed in my life. I would recommend this course to anyone, whether you have been in ministry for years, or you are just beginning your journey. Each class was relevant and engaging and I have continued to use what I learned in leading worship today.

Rev. Tommy Knight
Worship Pastor,
Dublin FBC, Dublin, NC

Took my ministry to a new level

When I started in music ministry in the late 90’s, I was very naïve to how leading worship was supposed to be. I had experience and knowledge in music, but I was not sure what “leading worship” looked like. Like most, I thought I could just show up on Sundays, pick up a hymnal, pick the songs I knew, and wing it from there. But I always thought there was something more. That’s when I met Bro. Kenny Lamm and experienced the Worship Leader Boot Camp. Those two days totally changed my approach and outlook on leading worship. Through the Boot Camp, I was shown the spiritual aspects of preparing for worship as well as the mechanics of how to lead in worship effectively and help others engage together in a true spirit of worship. I was also fortunate to take part in the Worship Leader Boot Camp Extreme to delve into a deeper understanding of God’s expectations and preparation for worship. I am forever grateful to Bro. Kenny for taking my ministry to another level.

Bryan Foster
Minister of Music, Faith Baptist Church, West End, NC

Invaluable insights and tools

Kenny has gathered exhaustive resources and the most important worship leader training materials and has put them together in a clear, useful, and engaging presentation. Whether you have led worship for 1 year or 20 years, you will gain invaluable insight and tools from this training.

Ryan Thomas, Westminster PCA, Rock Hill, SC

I have seen more engagement from my congregation in worship

I believe God used this training retreat to build my confidence in His ability to help me lead. I was able to implement strategies for smoother transitions and song selections almost immediately in our worship. I believe God is using that for a more impactful time of worship with our church. I have seen more engagement from people that had previously been more stoic during our worship. God is moving in our hearts and lives!

Josh Roberts, Glen Hope Baptist Church, Burlington, NC

One of the best resources available to NC Baptist churches!

The worship leader training offered by the BSCNC is one of the best resources available to NC Baptist churches! No matter your experience, skill level, education, style, or church size, you will benefit by investing a couple of days with Kenny. He is a top-quality worship leader, truly an expert in his field, and his teaching is easily accessible to everyone in the room.

Jonathan Blaylock, Senior Pastor, North Albermarle Baptist Church, Albemarle, NC

All participants in the advanced worship leader training retreat will receive a copy of The Worship Ministry Guidebook, written by the class instructor, Kenny Lamm. The book is used in the online class that is part of the undergraduate and graduate certificate programs.


All tracks begin with the 3-day retreat
The retreats begin with lunch on Thursday and end Saturday at 3:30 p.m.


July 11-13 – Caraway Conference Center, Sophia, NC ($235, single occupancy)

Caraway – July 11-13: REGISTER NOW!

Note: SEBTS students must attend the Caraway retreat that corresponds with your semester.


October 17-19 – Truett Conference Center and Camp, Hayesville, NC
Conference center – $235, single occupancy, $170 double occupancy
Mission House – $300 single, $200 double
Bunkhouse – $130, Commuter – $110
All prices include 7 meals

Truett – October 17-19 REGISTER NOW



Dates coming in 2025

January 16-18, Caraway Conference Center, Sophia, NC ($235, single occupancy)


April 24-26, Charity Equipping Center, Rose Hill, NC ($75. Bunkhouse accommodations)
The same rate is for commuters or those who desire to stay on-site.
For those that prefer hotel accommodations, The Inn at River Landing is 8 minutes from the retreat site.


July 31 – August 2, Caraway Conference Center, Sophia, NC ($235, single occupancy)


The conference dives deeply in so many practical areas for worship leaders. Here is one example in dealing with songs for worship:

The songs we use in worship is perhaps the area that needs the most scrutiny in our planning and leading worship. In this event we answer these questions:

  • How do we find the BEST songs in a pool of hundreds of news songs?
  • How do we filter possible songs to see if they are suitable for our congregation, knowing that every congregation has its unique DNA?
  • How do we introduce new songs in a way that will capture the hearts of our people and help them adopt the song as their own expression of worship?
  • Why is the original, artist version of a song usually not a good idea for our congregation?
  • How many songs should be on rotation in our church–i.e. how many songs should be on our song list from which we plan worship?
  • How do we help our congregations REALLY sing the songs (active participants) in worship rather than be spectators?
  • What does the song repertoire look like in a church that seeks to be unified/multigenerational?
  • How do we put together an effective set list, looking at key relationships and textual relationships as well as creating flow in worship?
  • How do we prepare effective musical and verbal transitions between songs?