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Worship Team Director – A Great Free App for Running Tracks

Worship Team Director – A Great Free App for Running Tracks

Unfortunately, this App is not currently available. We hope it will be updated and return for use soon!

Worship Team Director is custom-designed for worship teams, small groups, and bands who want to create song lists of audio or video files and play them back with artistic control moving from song to song, skipping songs, or ending early, all with smooth faded transitions that keep a great flow. The app is available only for Apple products. You can import songs from iTunes, Dropbox, or and put them in a playlist and your ready to play audio and project video tracks in any setting!

If you use split-track audio files, Worship Team Director gives you complete control over the left and right volume so you can take out the vocals completely or leave in any level you desire. This works great in rehearsals where you are using split-track audio and want to gradually remove the vocal assist.

Any track you import is copied into the app so you never have to worry about deleting songs from you iTunes or cloud storage, and you don’t have to depend on wifi or streaming, your tracks are always with you.

You can learn songs on your instrument or vocal part on from the Director band and vocal training series, and play along with matching files with the Worship Team Director for a powerful combination! You can play song tracks and even project video lyrics all from your device. Load your own purchased or created content into your iTunes library or on to a Dropbox or account.

One of the challenges in presenting songs live is stopping songs early without the track cutting off, or going to the next song without the last song stopping abruptly or the next song fading in and cutting off the beginning. Instead of basic cross fades, Worship Team Director fades the last track and starts the next track immediately so you don’t cut off the last song or miss the beginning of the next song.

One nice feature is that you can turn on or off the “PLAY ALL” to choose to play all the songs in your list without stopping or trigger each song individually with the “PLAY” buttons. Many music players do not offer this option. You can also set an early end point for each track if you desire to fade the song out early to segue to the next song.

Worship Team Director is a great alternative to Ableton Live for those who only use stereo Enhancement Tracks (ENH tracks).

I highly recommend this free app. Take a look.

Many bands use Worship Team Director to play backing pads in worship. Here is a tutorial that gives you a glimpse at Worship Team Director and specifically using it to trigger pads.

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Kenny Lamm

Worship Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. A frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. Extensive work in worship renewal in several Asian countries.

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