by Mike Harland

The skills of your team.

Do you have someone in your ministry that plays oboe? Find a way to use them. How about someone that writes songs? Ask them to write a special one for the Thanksgiving Banquet. Do you have a former band director in the congregation? Ask them to lead an instrumental group for students.   How about someone who has a special gift in hospitality? Make them the social chairman of the choir events. Do you have a person who is an artist? Commission them to create an original painting for the Worship office.

If God sends someone to your ministry that has a specific talent, find a way to use it for the benefit of all. If you will be faithful to do this, you will never lack for people with talent to be attracted to your ministry. God will bless this more than you can ever imagine.

The opportunities of your ministry.

There is a prison in the county where you live looking for worship leaders for a chapel service.  How about the assisted living facility across town?  Each year your church hosts a community-wide harvest festival and volunteers are needed – why not ask your student worship band to step up? Or plan for your instrumental group to play for the event? One time, our church orchestra played for a small high school graduation so they could have live instrumental music for the ceremony instead of something pre-recorded.

If you will look around, you will see ways your ministry can get outside the walls and worship gatherings to serve in the community. Your team will find great joy in service and you will build a great culture that will make your ministry to the church even better.

The time of your people.

Every rehearsal, every soundcheck, and every time you gather your people for worship be ready with a goal, a plan, and the resources you need to accomplish it. Start on-time, every time. End on-time as well. Become a ninja on using time well. Your people will reward you with faithfulness because you steward their time so well.

All of us have the opportunity to use the three resources we have in ministry. Ask God to show you today how to use the skills, opportunities, and time of your people well each week.

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