During these months of COVID restrictions, we have had to find new ways to engage our musicians in using their gifts to help people worship. We have also seen that online engagement has greatly increased and, in the future, we will need to lean into online ministry possibilities, even more, to reach our world for Christ. One idea that I had the pleasure of working with is a Good Friday online service project of one of our NC Baptist churches. They realized that an online service could reach not only their church people but could also be a vehicle by which their people could share this powerful message easily across social media platforms with their friends, family, coworkers, etc. The concept for the project was to have five 4-minute messages interspersed with music that people could sing at home. As the planning team brainstormed, the project grew to the concept of producing music videos of the song segments rather than just have a worship leader or team recorded from the sanctuary. This would provide more visual and audible appeal and make the impact more powerful.

Below are some excerpts from the video projects (no audio). You can view the entire project Friday night, April 1, at 6:30 on Facebook or YouTube. If you don’t have a service at your church, I encourage you to have your family join together for this meaningful time of remembering what Christ has done for us. Next week, I will get into the production of these videos that can be done very inexpensively. This week I know you have lots to finalize for your big weekend services. Take time to refresh yourself spiritually.