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The Song Seen ‘Round the World

The Song Seen ‘Round the World

Psalm 40:3 says: “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and they will trust in the Lord.”  (CSB)

If David had submitted this song to me, I might have said, “Uh, David – didn’t you mean, ‘many will hear‘?”  Just how do you “see “ a song anyway?

I’ve been reflecting on this verse for years and, now, I am convinced the truth of it is right here for us to understand — the song of the redeemed is a song that should be seen.

It is seen as we open our mouths and engage in corporate worship.

It is seen when we are facing difficult circumstances in our lives and sing anyway.

It is seen when emotion takes over our faces and we can hardly sing, yet the song keeps going.

It is seen when we respond in worship visually – kneeling, crying, lifting our hands, bowing our knees.

Now I can already hear the skeptic – “Worship is private. I don’t want to do anything that would look like I am drawing attention to myself.” I would answer that concern with this observation – nothing draws more attention to self than standing stoically in the house of God as if we were at a PTA meeting instead of worshipping the living King of Kings in a gathering of spirited worshippers.

When I lead worship, my eyes are drawn to the individual that seems uninterested and unaffected by the Gospel. At the same time, whenever I see someone who is engaged, I am spurred on myself. That’s what corporate worship – something we are commanded not to neglect – is all about.

When did we decide the song was only to be heard and that only the good singers should sing? How dare we choose which of the Father’s children get to be heard – and seen — by Him.

This Sunday, Christians will gather all over the world to worship Jesus. Be sure your voice is in the mix in a way that can be observed by other believers.

It’s the song seen ‘round the world.

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About The Author

Mike Harland

Mike Harland grew up in Mississippi, graduated from Delta State University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and has led churches in worship leadership roles for most of his life. From 2005-2020, Mike served as the Director of Worship at LifeWay Christian Resources. Mike now serves as the Associate Pastor|Worship of First Baptist Church Jackson, Mississippi. He is a published author, Dove Award-winning songwriter, and a worship leader who sings and speaks nationally and internationally. His blog and podcast, "WorshipLife" is followed by pastors, worship leaders, and church musicians around the world.

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