As I talk to worship team members around the state, it seems a recurring theme of criticism is that their worship leaders do not adequately communicate with the team. Great communication is integral to great leadership, and with today’s technological advantages, staying in communication was never easier. I talk quite a bit about communication in my series A Week in the Life of a Worship Leader, as I line out each responsibility worship leaders have in their weekly ministry and the best ways to carry them out.

The more your band and singers know about your expectations, their preparation, rehearsal times, responsibilities, etc., the better they will be prepared for all you do together. Staying in touch regularly also breeds a better feeling of community.

Just some thoughts:

  1. Don’t assume your teams know what you are thinking, when you complete your planning for a service or what you have planned. Don’t assume they will always take the initiative to go to a planning site to see if you have completed your work.
  2. Use, Planning Center or another worship planning/personnel management tool to let your team know when their music is ready, when rehearsals are scheduled, and more. Alternately, use email, group messaging, Facebook groups or other forms of communication.
  3. Send out messages about the service, the arrangements, expectations for their rehearsal preparation, etc. in the days leading up to the rehearsal or service.
  4. Place your band members, tech team, vocalists, etc. in separate and combined text messaging groups. It is an easy and fast way to find consensus on needed time changes, updates on music, etc. I find that these messaging groups build great community throughout the week and a feeling of connection and easy access to each other.
  5. Communicate throughout the week letting your teams know you are praying for them. Send messages of encouragement. Let them know they are appreciated.

Great communication is vital to worship teams. Don’t leave your people guessing. Do all you can to make them successful in fulfilling their calling as worship leaders.

Check over your communication with your teams last week. Was it adequate? How can you improve?

What are some additional ways you use communication throughout the week to stay in touch with your teams?

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