The Renewing Worship EXPO will offer classes related to student worship bands for both students and adults. Students will find lots of breakout classes to help them improve in their areas of service, but two special classes are offered particularly with student bands in mind taught by Matt Holland.

Student Worship Band

Let’s talk about all things student worship leading. Join for a conversation and some insights into forming, disicpling, and utilizing students leading worship in your church. (students & adults). SESSION 1.

Foundations of Student Worship

Students leading students is an effective model of worship leadership to the younger generation. Learn some key foundations that are vital to the health of your student worship band/ministry. (students & adults). SESSION 3.

Matt Holland

Student Worship Class Instructor

Matt Holland has been leading students in worship since he was in 9th grade. Leading the next generation has always been a large part of his ministry and passion–from high school to college to serving on the NC Baptist BeDoTell team. He has been leading and pastoring at Scotts Hill Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC since 2007 (with the exception of a few years to attend seminary), helping the church implement an intergenerational worship ministry and a thriving student-led worship ministry for their youth group that has resulted in developing future worship pastors, leaders, and church musicians. He is a graduate of Liberty University (Arts and Religion) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Worship Leadership). While in Louisville, he had the opportunity to direct and teach adjunctly the former Lexington Road Band at Boyce College. He has personally led worship or been on staff at various camps, DNow weekends, conferences, and churches.