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Five Generations of Worshippers


For five years, Spud and his descendants have worshipped the Christ Child at the offices of the Baptist State Convention of NC (known as the Baptist Building).

It all started in 2014. Spud sought out the Christ child to worship. He had just been given a Gideon Bible and had been reading the Christmas story. He felt drawn to seek out the Christ Child to offer his adoration to the Savior of the World. He arrived at the Baptist Building and soon found the nativity with the Baby Jesus. He quickly set up his place to worship.


Later that season, he found a friend, discipled him and brought him along to worship, finding another nativity that could better house the two extra worshippers. However, the larger nativity was risky to go undetected by the nativity police in the building, but risk of persecution did not stop their desire to worship!


In 2015, Spud Sr. eventually rotted as potatoes do, but not before discipling his “son” Spud, Jr. Naturally in December, Spud, Jr. followed the example of his spiritual father and went to the Baptist Building in search of the Christ Child. He once again sought out a great place to worship and hopefully go undetected by the nativity police.


Following in the example set by his father, Spud, Jr. discipled his son, Spud III before he rotted. Spud III continued the custom of seeking out the Christ Child to worship at the Baptist Building, and worshipped with his whole being (potato). This younger generation of worshippers were even bolder in their faith and fearless in their proclamation of the good news.


Spud III was excited to have a child to disciple before he eventually rotted. His son, the fourth generation of worshippers in the Spud family, made his way to the Baptist Building this year and found his place in the nativity. Spud IV was delighted to find the climate at the Baptist Building was more conducive to his presence as a worshipper.


Spud IV has had a problem with the presence of the Magi at the manger since they really didn’t arrive at the time of the birth. Even though he has a issue with that, he has not let it hinder his worship.

Spud IV invites all potatoes and other creations of God to offer their worship unhindered this Christmas.

Spud V has come to the manger (2018) and brought his Chinese friend he has been discipling from one of NC’s pockets of lostness. His name is 土豆 (Tǔdòu).


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