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Song Keys for Maximum Participation

Song Keys for Maximum Participation

I have written much about churches around the world that are singing congregational songs in keys outside of their singable ranges, turning congregants into spectators. Check out this article for more information. I have updated a resource to help worship leaders select the correct keys for worship songs. Take a look at this resource that surveys over 200 top songs for best keys and usability in multigenerational worship services. Please share this with other worship leaders to help them better engage their congregations in worship.

Songs for Worship: A Comprehensive Guide – INTRODUCTION

The songs we sing in worship are vitally important to the building of disciples in our congregations. Many people are not part of a discipleship group. Many do not meet with other Christians except for corporate worship. Many never open their Bibles during the week....

Congregational Singing after COVID: They Need Help

Ukrainian Translation: ЦЕРКОВНИЙ СПІВ У ПОСТ- COVID-19 ЕПОХУ: ДОПОМОЖІТЬ ЇМ! I obsess over how we can better engage our congregations in participatory, transformational worship. The post, 9 Reasons People Aren't Singing in Worship, was born out of my looking at what...

Songs for Worship: How do we find the BEST songs in a pool of hundreds of new songs?

As you begin searching for the best new songs to introduce to your congregation, remember that your church's worship DNA is not the same as the church down the street or the one you watch on YouTube. Knowing your congregation is vitally important to choosing the right...

Songs for Worship: How Do We Filter New Songs for Our Setting?

Last week, I discussed how to begin your search for the best new songs to introduce to your congregation by discovering the possibilities as we look at a number of key sources. This week and next week, I will begin to discuss filters to determine if the song is right...

Songs for Worship: How Do We Determine the Best Keys for Congregational Singing?

In my last post on song selection, I discussed the importance of selecting songs with great lyrics. This week, I dive into the often-abused area of correct keys for congregational singing. Read on! The Reason why many people are not singing in worship is because we...

Songs for Worship: How do we introduce new songs in a way that will capture the hearts of our people and help them adopt the song as their own expression of worship?

An important concept to grasp is how we introduce new songs and the follow up to help them become part of the congregation’s vocabulary of worship.Introducing new songs can kill worship. Therefore it is important that we introduce and reinforce new songs in a way that...

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Worship Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. A frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. Extensive work in worship renewal in several Asian countries.

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