Finding the right tools for WORSHIP with limited MUSICIAN resources

Churches with limited musician resources seem to be occurring in epidemic proportions. Also, many churches want to be able to utilize modern worship songs in their times of worship, but find it difficult to do so without proper instrumentation. Today, we have technologies available that provide great solutions for churches that need help. In this series of posts, I will be talking about many great solutions for churches of all worship styles–whether you need just a pianist or an entire band to assist in your times of corporate worship. This post is about one of several solutions for churches needing just a pianist or organist for their times of worship.

Kenny offers over 15,000 public domain (no copyright) audio files that can be downloaded freely. Most of the 2008 Baptist Hymnal is on this website but each song and style (organ, piano, small band, etc.) must be downloaded individually and some songs only have a copyrighted organ accompaniment for purchase and download. They also have Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, German, Latvian, Russian, and Spanish songs all available for download. Any songs that are recorded and copyrighted may be downloaded for $.50 per song.

Tremendous number of audio files  of Various Types available for your use

This site seeks to provide a number of recording styles:

  • Pipe Organ hymns suitable for traditional churches.
  • Piano. There are the unemblished ‘simple piano’ and the embellished ‘mainly piano’ recordings which are suitable for playing in those churches which prefer a piano to the organ, or in small groups or home church environment.
  • Piano & Organ. These are the organ recordings with a basic piano recording added. Very suitable for learning new hymns as the melody is clearer, and also in those churches that like the organ sound as well.
  • Band. There are ‘small band’, ‘swing band’ and ‘mainly piano’ recordings. You can select the style that best suits your church needs. (Note: these band recordings are computer generated.)
  • Piano & Instrumental. Starting with the computer-generated band files, a midi file is generated, that is then played into the Garritan Virtual Instrument Libraries. The melody is usually a solo instrument (violin, trumpet, horn etc) with a bass and piano accompaniment.
  • Video. There are lyric videos with the accompaniment track synced to the word.

Thousands of great congregational singing resources for the small church that are absolutely free. THANK YOU!!

Wayne L.


Note: the site is very dated and difficult to get around, but is a treasure trove of resources.

  • Go to the site,
  • Click on the first letter of the title of the song you want in the alphabetical list of recordings. 
  • Click on the title of the song.
  • Look at the numerous options for that title. 
  • Right click on the FULL MP3 link beside the accompaniment you choose (i.e. organ, simple piano, mainly piano, band, small band, etc.) and download the file to your computer.
  • You will see a variety of other files available for the song as well.

NOTE: If you know the hymn number from the 2008 Baptist Hymnal, you can go to this page and find the song quickly. The page indexes all the hymns that are available on this site that are in the 2008 Baptist Hymnal.


Sample Audio Files in Piano, Organ and Small Band

Blessed Assurance Lyric Video with Piano & Organ Accompaniment

Final Thoughts

I am amazed at the number of resources AT NO COST to the church that can assist in accompanying worship services. This resource certainly could use an easier and more pleasant interface, but there is an amazing storehouse of resources here. It will take more time to find and review all the choices to determine what works best for your church, but if you are on a tight budget, this is certainly a great consideration. I am so thankful for the sacrifice of Clyde McLennan in doing this labor of love for the church!



  1. G. J. Aszmies

    My son started a you tube channel to share his ‘new tunes’ for old hymns a few years ago and since he loves playing piano, this channel developed into a source for various churches to use his videos for worship with words on the screen for congregations to sing along. There are lots of old hymns for seniors to enjoy singing alone or in group settings bringing inspiration and refreshment to many during these years of Covid restrictions. A variety of music also connects with music students as well. You can find it by googling “raszmies youtube”.

  2. Bonnie Christensen

    Thank you so much for providing this service. We have a small congregation and our pianist moved away, so we were stranded. We would not have any music with you, Your site has helped us so much. Thank you again Willowcreek Community Church Vale Oregon

  3. C. Williams

    I will definitely explore this website. Thank you for sharing this information.

  4. David abraham

    Excelente material! Gracias desde México City.


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