Finding the right tools for WORSHIP with limited MUSICIAN resources

Churches with limited musician resources seem to be occurring in epidemic proportions. Also, many churches want to be able to utilize modern worship songs in their times of worship, but find it difficult to do so without proper instrumentation. Today, we have technologies available that provide great solutions for churches that need help. In this series of posts, I will be talking about many great solutions for churches of all worship styles–whether you need just a pianist or an entire band to assist in your times of corporate worship. This post is about one of several solutions for churches needing just a pianist or organist for their times of worship.


As longtime church accompanists, the SingHymns staff has made recordings of solo piano, solo organ and piano with organ together as ‘played right from the hymnal’ accompaniment so that churches who don’t have someone to play can still sing hymns with accompaniment on tuned instruments.  You can choose CDs, MP3 downloads or a thumb drive that loaded with hymns and sent to you. Simply play the audio for the hymns at the right times in your services and your congregation will be encouraged to sing along.

Very happy customer with all 300 hymns. We originally used CDs but converted to direct play from a PC. This is really low cost way for small church to have great music.  People are loving it.

Brian in MN


The hymn accompaniments come in four volumes of 25 hymns each. There is also a Christmas hymn compilation of 25 songs. Each recorded hymn audio track begins with a last-line introduction, followed by multiple verses, just like in church.  There are no voices, fancy arpeggios or distracting frills on the recordings.  The songs are available in three accompaniment options:

  1. Piano
  2. Organ
  3. Piano & Organ

The recordings are compatible with most hymnals including Baptist, Celebration, Great Hymns and many others. 

You can purchase the media on CDs ($12 each or set of 6 for $66), USB drive ($11 each or set of 6 for $60) or downloads ($10 each or $54 for set of 6). $5 per order discount available.

Try it. If you find that their hymns are not the right fit, the company accept returns within 30 days and will issue a full refund without hassle.


Your hymn CDs have been a miracle for our small mountain chapel… We still sing off key, but are getting closer. Thank you so much for filling our chapel with music once again.

John in CA

How to Use the Products

CDs: The hymn titles are in alphabetical order on the discs and are printed on the back of the CD cases showing the track number. It will be easy for you to select the disc and CD track.  Play the CDs in a CD player connected to the church sound system or a powered speaker, depending upon your situation.

THUMB DRIVE and DOWNLOADS: Place the mp3 files on your computer with your computer’s media player or on a portable device. Be sure to connect the computer audio or device audio to the church sound system or a powered speaker, depending upon your situation. Using the mp3 files will make it easy for you to put files in order as they are needed.

You can also play these mp3 files in church presentation software such as ProPresenter.

For a listing of all the hymns in these products, take a look at this list.


The hymns come in two keys. The LOW keys are usually not appropriate for congregational singing. Be sure to find the key that reflects the key in your hymnal. If you need to slightly modify the key up or down, use this free tool.

Product Discount

Use coupon code THANKFUL during checkout and receive $5 off your order total. Click here to order.


Final Thoughts

SingHymns offers an abundance of well-produced resources for the church in need of congregational accompaniment. You have the option of piano, organ, or a combination of the two for hymn accompaniment. Whether you are without an accompanist long term or just need a fill in occasionally, SingHymns has a solution for you. I would personally purchase the downloads and use in an audio player application. Many will find the CDs or the physical USB stick with mp3s more useful. Be careful which key you use for your congregation. It seems the low keys are not, for the most part, best for general congregational singing, but it may work well for accompaniment for a solo or ensemble.