Some time ago, I introduced an iOS app that is great for running backing tracks for worship – Worship Team Director. I love using this app and the ability to work with split-track audio files. It was designed for worship leaders. Unfortunately, that app is no longer available.

Recently, I discovered another iOS app that has some different capabilities that works great for leading worship with backing tracks–Show One. With this app, you can also adjust the tempo and key of the track. You can determine whether each track will stop at the end of its playback or continue on to form more seamless sets of songs. Each track has a gain control so you can make sure all your tracks are at the proper levels in relationship to each other.

If you want to utilize click tracks, this app is amazing; you can use your own split track audio with pre-recorded cues or use the one generated by the app. It’s so easy to create a set list for worship and then to start the songs in a live setting.

Here is an outline of its numerous features:


  • Automatic click perfectly in sync with your music
  • Adjust track tempo, pitch (+/-12 semitones), volume, start and end trim
  • Add voice counts of 1 to 4 bars for any track
  • Reorder songs in a set, add and remove tracks easily
  • Have tracks stop when complete or play-through into the next automatically
  • Make the click play how and when you need it with Click Delay, Click Mute, and Accented Click
  • Import your music ultra fast via cloud (Dropbox, Box, iCloud, Google Drive) or iTunes File Sharing)
  • Use tracks that you’ve pre-recorded with clicks and cues to one side with the User Cue feature
  • Unlimited tracks and sets (with paid Basic version)
  • MIDI compatible* – control ShowOne’s transport from external keyboards or drum pads (*available as in-app purchase)


  • Audio is split automatically out the iOS device headphone jack – click/music for the musician, just music for the audience
  • Works with any Core Audio interface (Apogee, NI, Focusrite, etc)
  • 4-Channel Mode* – stereo Main channel to audience and stereo Cue channel to musicians with compatible interface (*available as in-app purchase)
  • Exclusive ShowOne Crosstalk Control to help reduce crosstalk or bleed
  • High quality time/pitch algorithm
  • Choose from several custom click sounds
  • Play along with your favorite click sounds via add-on Click Packs
  • New features and click sounds coming in the In-App Shop
  • Most audio file types accepted (WAV/AIFF/MP3/AAC), 24 bit and up to 96k


  • Clear and intuitive user interface, easy to read in high pressure live situations
  • Big, striking transport for ease of control
  • Info Pane with Bar Counter, Tempo and Pitch settings, and Scrub bar
  • Show and Set Views : two viewing modes to suit individual needs during shows or rehearsals
  • Large font in Show View so you know where you are at a glance


  • iPhone® | iPad® | iPod touch®
  • Rock solid, stable, skip-free operation
  • Simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for pros
  • Fast and easy setup – get up and running with your tracks in no time
  • Dependable backup solution for more advanced live scenarios
  • Excellent practice tool as well – speed up/slow down tracks with metronome for learning and perfecting parts, change the pitch, etc.
  • Free version is mostly full-featured, limited to 2 user tracks at a time
  • Designed by professional touring musicians and recording artists for real-world use

This video describes the new interface and features of the latest version. It will give you some insights into the program

Check out their tutorials for more information here and numerous FAQs

You can pick up this app on the App Store. You will need to purchase the Basic Version at $9.99 to import more than two tracks.


You need 4 things to use ShowOne in it’s normal fashion:

  1. An iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 9.3 or newer
  2. An inexpensive stereo splitter cable to split your iOS device’s stereo headphone jack into two separate mono channels
  3. A pair of earphones or in-ear monitors
  4. The ShowOne app

With only this equipment, you can play live in worship or rehearse properly with backing tracks. The automatic click track will play out one channel of the stereo cable along with the music for the musician wearing the earphones to play along to, while just the music will play out the other for the audience to hear.