SBC worship consultants at the state conventions across our nation meet together regularly to discuss topics impacting our churches and strategize ways to help equip our churches. The Resourcing Worship Virtual Worship Conference and the Children’s Worship University virtual conference were two events the group led with great participation nationally. During the time the church was struggling with what to do in light of COVID restrictions, the website, was created to point people to resources to help with the transitions.

Today, the site has been completely updated and will now be a place that our group will be publishing video resources for worship leaders weekly. We will be expanding the site in other ways in the future as we seek to resource the church for today’s times.

Take a look at the repurposed site, enjoy the videos (also available in downloadable audio for your drive-time), check out links to additional resources and check back regularly for new content.

The site is a great companion resource to this site. I hope you will find great value in both.