AUGUST 1, 2020


These are unprecedented times in the life of the church. Training events as we have done in the past are not a possibility in these days of social distancing. Once I had to cancel the Renewing Worship EXPO, I decided that we needed to have training for our churches in the virtual world. My counterparts in other SBC State Conventions have come together to produce an amazing virtual worship conference to be held Saturday, August 1. With three main sessions and nearly 70 breakout classes, there is tremendous content. We also have some of the best speakers and musicians from around the world–like Matt Redman, Keith Getty, Mike Harland, Matt Boswell, Shelly Johnson, Veritas, Grant Norsworthy… and the list goes on. Check out the event website for more information.

We wanted this to be very affordable for our churches. These types of conferences usually run at least $70-100 to attend. We put our resources together and are making this available for $20 per person or $15 per person for groups of 5 or more.

All-Access Pass for Three Months!!

Participants get an all-access pass for three months to view around 70 hours of training videos.

Get your entire worship team connected. It is going to be a great day!!!

Click here for the PDF instruction manual that will help you navigate the amazing virtual environment of the conference.


Time is running out to get on board with people from around the world already planning on attending!