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Resources on Singing in Worship Amid COVID-19


A Conversation: What Do Science and Data Say About the Near Term Future of Singing



ACDA/NATS/ChorusAmerica/BarberShop national Pandemic webinar:

1) There is no safe way for choirs to rehearse together until there is a vaccine or 95% effective treatment in place, most likely 1-2 years. Perhaps occasionally outside in small groups, but only when the wind is not at your back. Masks and spacing DO NOT protect your singers from contagion, and singers are super-spreaders.

2) Though there may be some mitigation using a combination of UV lights and fan/atmosphere scrubbing inside, it is not 100% effective and the UV in particular may be both expensive and dangerous 

3) No concerts or public performances this fall, and frankly, maybe not for 1-2 years, though we actually don’t know. 

4) Once rapid testing becomes available, the possibility to rehearse with immediate testing before every rehearsal with iron-clad agreements from choir members. 

5) AUDIENCE: liability insurance for your arts org. Temperature checks at the door and required masks. US government Phase THREE recommendations for actual safe return to public performances.”


Social distancing rules for singers altered following Covid transmission studies

ACDA COVID-19 Response Committee Report June 15, 2020

When and how can choirs sing again without becoming ‘super spreaders’?

Churches may reopen, but many services won’t have singing

Unprecedented International Coalition led by Performing Arts Organizations to Commission COVID-19 Study

Risk of coronavirus spreading in schools ‘extremely low’, study finds

Without choirs or bands, churches seek to provide congregants with music virtually

The pandemic shut down choirs. We’re finding new ways to sing together

Tim Sharp

Singing, the Church, and COVID-19: A Caution for Moving Forward in Our Current Pandemic

Heather R. Nelson, Ph.D.

If We Can’t Sing

David Manner

A choir decided to go ahead with rehearsal. Now dozens of members have COVID-19 and two are dead

Churches Could Be the Deadliest Places in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Before You Panic . . . Thoughts on Congregational Singing and Choirs in Light of the Pandemic

Robert Pendergraft, PhD

Is Congregational Singing Dangerous?

Wind Instruments May Not Be As Contagious As We Thought

Choirs May Have to Remain Silent Long After Society Reopens 

Two Scientists Pronounce Singing in Church to Be COVID Safe

Full details in this German article:

Will COVID-19 SIlence Singers Until There’s a Vaccine

Risk of Infection Is No Reason to Stop Singing

Scott Aniol

High SARS-CoV-2 Attack Rate Following Exposure at a Choir Practice (CDC) 


The Dangers of Coronavirus “Super Spreaders”

When Can We Sing? Nola’s Notes

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