As a new year comes upon us, we often take this time to evaluate our past year and think of things we wish to change or improve upon in the coming year. There are four areas that I want to encourage each of you to consider along with me.

Being People of The Book

As worship leaders, being firmly grounded in the Word is of utmost importance. So often I find myself so busy that I don’t give as much time to reading the Bible as I really need to do. My wife and I have decided to follow a daily reading plan that will take us through the Bible completely in one year. I have chosen a chronological plan so that I can read God’s Word through the scope of history. There are many great plans that I will point to, but what is of most importance is finding something that works for you.

Here are a few websites with reading plans:

  • – has many different plans with great personalization. If you have a smart phone, it has a great app to assist you.
  • – only one year and one year chronological plans, starting in any month.
  • – several great plans.
I will be using the BlueLetterBible chronological reading plan offered through


Being Missional
I encourage you and your choirs, worship teams, instrumental groups, etc. to get out of the four walls of your church and be on mission with God in your community, state, nation, and world. Begin praying for God to make clear ways that you and your church can do this in 2012.


Repair the Temple
I hate to say that since I began working for the BSCNC, my exercise “program” has become pretty non-existent. My schedule from week to week is so diverse that I have easily moved away from a habit of regular fitness. Starting in a few days, I will begin my day even earlier to work out before leaving home.
Stay Fresh

I believe in constantly improving my skills through continuing education–reading books, listening to seminars, attending conferences, etc. Do you have a plan to stay fresh in your ministry this year? If you haven’t taken advantage of one of our worship leader boot camps, that may be a place for you to consider. (more information here)

How is your health? Are you taking good care of yourself? Do you need to adjust your exercise or eating habits to get yourself in better shape to serve God?


Share some of your resolutions. Will you join me in any that I have made? Please leave your comments.