The choral & instrumental music production and distribution has been an ever-changing world in the last few years. I was trying to find a definitive listing of the companies currently producing music and also the non-publishers that are fulfilling orders for music, but I could not locate anything like that. The result is a quest to get all of that information in one place to help choral and instrumental leaders find the resources they need.

I have listed every sacred choral music producer I could find. As you know, each has a different style of music they specialize in, so you will naturally gravitate to some publishers more than others depending upon the needs of your church.

Last week, I gave a shout-out to some newer or perhaps not as well-known players in the field.

Let me know of any publishers that I have missed that I can add to these listings.

Choral Music Publishers

Those marked with an asterisk are the ones that produce the kind of music most used in our NC Baptist churches (determined by a recent poll).

Abingdon Press
Alfred Publishing Co.
Augsburg Fortress
BriLee Music Publishing
Carl Fischer
Celebrating Grace
Chandler Music
Choristers Guild
CCT Music (Phil Barfoot) –coming in September 2022
*Daywind Worship
Fred Bock Music Company (multiple publishers now under this umbrella)
Growing in Grace
Hal Leonard Corporation
Hope Publishing Company
Jubilate Music Group
*LifeWay (no longer producing new music, but extensive catalog still available)

Lorenz Corporation (Check out the new *Medallion line with a contemporary worship focus)
*PraiseCharts (beginning to focus on providing more choral resources with Craig Adams leading that division)
*Prism Music (Check out their new work for small choirs called Ready for Sunday)
Robert Sterling Music
Selah Publishing
*Semsen Music
Shawnee Press
*Word Music

Interested in getting access to something from Brentwood Benson’s catalog now that they are no longer selling music? Composer/arranger Cliff Duren suggests the following steps:

  • Contact the arranger and see if they have what you’re looking for.
  • Pay them for their time/effort.
  • Pay for a print license through Music Services, etc

Instrumental Music Publishers

Several of those listed in the choral publishers listing also produce instrumental music. The primary players of those are included in this listing as well. Several sites are run by individual composers and those are indicated with the name of the composer in parenthesis beside the company name (some are quite obvious). Camp Kirkland’s company includes many of the independent arrangers that have their own sites.

Anderkamp Music (Jeff Anderson)
Celebrating Grace
Chandler Music

Church Orchestra Music (Camp Kirkland and others)
David Winkler Music (David Winkler)
Jeff Cranfill Music (Jeff Cranfill)
Lorenz Corporation/Lillenas
PraiseGathering Music Group
Prism Music
Richard Kingsmore (Richard Kingsmore)
Robert Sterling Music (Robert Sterling)

Steve Dunn Music (Steve Dunn)
Tim Cates Music (Tim Cates)
Word Music

Music Distributers

The majority of independent distributors of music have gone out of business in the last decade. These were one-stop places to order music from most all the publishers. Many would give you discounts to order through them. Now, many order only direct from the publishers, getting discounts if they are part of their annual club memberships. There are a very few players left that can take care of most of your needs. Check them out here:

A&D Music Distributors (offers discounts on most publishers)

J.W. Pepper (large business that has a great website for finding and previewing music from many publishers)

Penders Music Company