NC Baptist worship leader, Bryan Foster, recently interviewed me for his podcast: Ministry Focus–Worship Essentials. I had a blast talking with Bryan–he has a way of putting people at ease. The interview was lengthy, so Bryan has divided the discussion into three episodes.

In this week’s episode, Bryan explores my background, noting how God prepares each of us through our life journeys for the work to which He calls us, even when we are clueless. We talk about the focus of the NC Baptist Worship Ministry and then dive into worship similarities and distinctions between the U.S. and some other countries.

The next two episodes will be released in the next two weeks.


Podcast notes from Bryan Foster

I have the privilege of interviewing a man I consider a friend, a brother, and a mentor–Kenny Lamm, Worship Ministry Strategist for the NC Baptist State Convention. In this three-part interview, Kenny and I speak on topics ranging from whether believers understand the true meaning of worship to what the future holds in the worship ministry. That’s only on the next Ministry Focus–Worship Essentials podcast.

In part one of my interview with Kenny, I begin talking about the Worship Leader’s Retreat that I was a part of back in August of last year, then we explore what biblical worship is and if believers understand what true worship is. Here’s part one of that interview.

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