10th Anniversary of Viral Worship Article

Today, June 11, 2024, marks exactly 10 years since the post, 9 Reasons People Aren’t Singing in Worship, was released. The article has been read by over 1.5 million people just on our site (it is also published on other sites like ChurchLeaders.com as well). It has been accessed in over 220 countries and territories and has been translated into seven other languages by ministry groups in other countries. On one day in 2017, over 100,000 people read the article. I never expected that kind of response from the post!

Recently, Alex Enfiedjian, founder of Worship Ministry Training, an online academy for worship leaders, reached out to interview me for one of his weekly podcasts, and we discussed these nine reasons in detail.

I have followed Alex’s online training for several years and have been so impressed with it. He offers very practical training for worship leaders. I recently reached out to him about offering a discount to his Worship Ministry Training Academy and will be announcing an awesome deal next week.

Next week, I will be sharing another podcast from NC Baptists that seeks to understand why this post has been so popular. You will also hear the interesting backstory of the writing of the article. Stay tuned for that release. I will also be releasing additional content that deals head on with combatting these problems one “reason” at a time.


You can watch the video or listen to/download the podcast below.

Alex’s Show Notes:

🚩 https://www.worshipministrytraining.com/

Sometimes our church just stands and stares at us. If the arms are crossed while they stare, it’s even more deflating. How do we get our churches to sing and participate more during worship? Why aren’t they singing? Join me as I interview Kenny Lamm, who wrote an entire handbook on worship leading. We’ll discuss his list of 10 reasons why your church isn’t singing during musical worship.

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