2019 is the year for getting worship leadership training

Many of us take an inventory at the first of the year to determine areas of our lives that we want to improve and make definite plans for reaching those goals. This year, if you are a worship leader, I encourage you to consider taking part in training designed to help worship leaders really engage their congregations in worship.

NC Baptist worship leader training basically follows this plan:

  • Get the foundations of worship and basics of leading the worship ministry in your church through one of the Worship Leader Boot Camps. Some of these options are great for the entire worship team and others are more specific to the primary worship leaders/planners. This is the starting point, the foundation of all we offer.
  • Get skill training for your entire worship & music ministry at the Renewing Worship EXPO.
  • Students completing grades 9-12 have a 5-day intense training opportunity at the Student Worship Academy in the summer.
  • Numerous seminars are offered in partnership with various associations around the state throughout the year.

The foundational piece to all of this, I believe, is the Worship Leader Boot Camp.

Here are some upcoming opportunities:

  • Worship Leader Boot Camp BASIC – for entire worship teams. Saturday only. Wilson, NC. March 30, 2019. Early bird registration only $15 through January 31. Senior pastors go for only $7 with their worship leader or worship team. This can be a transformative time for your worship team coming together. More info.
  • Worship Leader Boot Camp EXTREME – coming up January 31-February 2 at Caraway Conference Center. Intensive learning environment with a small group. Hands down the best training we offer for in person options! More info.
  • Worship Leader Boot Camp BEYOND EXTREME. This is not for the faint of heart. 12 weeks online class that receives college credit towards a degree at Fruitland Baptist Bible College and receives a Certificate of Worship Leadership from FBBC as well. Forums, projects, quizzes, video learning, and much more make up this experience. More info. See also this.
  • Worship Leader Boot Camp ONLINE. If you cannot be present for the Basic or Extreme versions and don’t have the time for the Beyond Extreme, then the online class gives you over 7 hours of video learning to go at your own pace. More info.

Take time now to determine which training is right for you and your team and make arrangements to attend. There are still spaces open for the EXTREME retreat at the end of the month. Please give that opportunity strong consideration.

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