On July 13, 2023, The Worship Ministry Guidebook: Engaging Your Congregation in Transformational Worship will become available to worship leaders and teams around the world. The book is the culmination of 20 years of worship leader training curriculum refinement to provide one volume that has everything from the foundations of worship and worship leadership, to the planning and leading of worship services that truly engage and disciple the congregation. The book also describes ways to evaluate and improve your church’s worship. The contents mirror closely the curriculum used in our Advanced Worship Leader Training classes.

After surveying books that are available today, I could not find anything that was a guidebook, or handbook, for the worship leader, that was extremely practical in nature and included in one volume. The book seeks to establish the biblical basis for all we do in worship and then build on that with practical advice on how to truly lead your congregation to be participative in worship and design your times of worship to transform lives.

Too many churches have worship that misses the mark, and I believe leaders with a better understanding of worship and how to truly engage their congregations can turn their churches around to have vital, disciple-making times of worship that truly transform lives. This book sets out to be that guidebook to help everyone from the novice to the seasoned worship leader. Soon, a group study will be released to help churches get their entire teams on track to grow a vibrant worship ministry.

Congregations all over the world are experiencing a lack of participation in worship.The Worship Ministry Guidebook will equip, challenge and encourage you to engage your congregation in transformational worship.

NC Baptist Special Sale!

NC Baptists may order the book at an incredible price. This offer is good only for NC Baptist churches since we are offsetting the book costs to get this into our churches. The book is $10 including shipping. In the future, we will be offering bulk orders at discount for churches to obtain copies for their entire worship team.

Book Availability Worldwide

The paperback and Kindle versions of the book are now available on Amazon.com. You can also obtain the book online through other booksellers and through most bookstores in many countries. 

Group Study Guide to Be Released Soon

Many worship leaders using this curriculum have wanted a way to get their entire teams on track for leading transformational worship. The free, downloadable study guide will provide a way to take your whole team through the concepts in the book.

Download a free worship evaluation checklist

This worship evaluation checklist is built off of the concepts presented in the book, The Worship Ministry Guidebook: Engaging your Congregation in Transformational Worship.

Work through the evaluation, and if you feel your services need help in any of these areas, grab a copy of the book and find ways to truly engage your congregation in transformational worship.