To help you find what is trending as the most popular worship songs in CCLI, LifeWayWorship, and PraiseCharts, we collect data each week from these sources and publish them in one place.

Linked to the CCLI songs is the complete audio of each song for your listening pleasure. The PraiseCharts and LifeWayWorship list links to the arrangements on each site, along with listening opportunities on those pages.

girl_listening_to_musicThe Top 20 Worship Songs page is your tool for keeping current on what is “hot” in worship. Realize that a song’s popularity does not mean that it is right for your setting, but the list does give you songs that have already proven themselves in many settings. See also these posts for more on this:

  1. How to Find Great, New Songs for Worship
  2. How to Evaluate Songs for Worship

The Top 20 list is updated each week by Wednesday afternoon. Those of you that receive the weekly eNews (Worship Notes for NC Baptists) on Thursday mornings will have a link to visit the updated page.

Take time to listen and evaluate many great, new songs for worship.

Take a look at this week’s top 20.