Note: These events are offered for NC Baptist Associations only. Also consider our worship leader training retreats.

Would you like to host 2-3 meetings in your association that can help your churches with their worship? I am working on partnerships with a few associations where I would come and meet with worship leaders and pastors from your churches in a one or two-day time period. Check out the information below to see if you are interested.

It is of utmost importance that you have a worship leader in your association who is willing to be a point person with those events and is willing to continue convening worship leaders in months beyond.


  • To assist the local association in helping churches with their worship ministries
  • To encourage and help equip worship leaders
  • To begin an ongoing fellowship of worship leaders from across your association to support one another
  • To connect with your pastors from across the association and help them with their worship concerns and questions
  • To connect pastors and worship leaders with additional resources to help them in improve their church’s worship


  • One or two roundtable sessions (day, night, or both to accommodate schedules) inviting worship leaders from all your churches. A meal is included. There will be discussion on various topics of worship and time of fellowship.
  • One pastors’ meeting (possibly at the associational office). There would be discussion on various topics of worship. This could be a part of a regularly-scheduled monthly pastors’ meeting, if applicable.


  • Identify a worship leader in the association that is willing to spearhead this event by hosting and inviting worship leaders from other association churches. This person is also open to continuing to rally the group on an ongoing basis to support one another. This is a very important prerequisite to the association hosting these meetings.
  • This is a partnership between the local association and NC Baptists. The association will help with logistics and promotion. NC Baptists will provide Kenny Lamm to lead these sessions as well as some resources to distribute. Meals for the worship leader meetings may be offset in cost by NC Baptists (there may be a small reservation fee).
  • The AMS will arrange for the pastors’ meeting including hosting and promotion.


  • The Worship Leader Roundtable(s) can be scheduled around a lunch meeting (around two hours) and/or a dinner meeting, preferably held at the host worship leader’s church or another church location. The AMS and worship leader host can determine if one or two sessions would be best to cover both part-time and full-time worship leaders. The meeting would include a meal and a time to get to know one another as well as a time of resourcing and discussion to help leaders become better equipped in their calling.
  • The pastors’ meeting could be held on the same day or the next day. NC Baptists will provide resources for this meeting.

Associations that represent smaller population centers may receive some preference.

Note: only Associational Missionary Strategists may make these requests.