Here is a compilation of the top 20 most-read posts. (Posts in red are from the Worship Wars Series)

  1. How to Find Great New Songs for Worship
  2. Top 20 Worship Songs
  3. Worship Wars: The Series Begins
  4. How to Properly Display Copyright Notices for CCLI Holders
  5. Do You Have a Comprehensive Song List? 
  6. The CCLI License-What is Legal and What Is Not 
  7. A Real KEY to Producing Spectators in Worship
  8. New Songs: A Worship Enhancer or Worship Killer
  9. Producing Pew Potatoes: Creating a Culture of Spectators
  10. Worship Wars 2: The Inner Struggle 
  11. Worship Wars 7: Unified Worship – Breaking Down the Barriers of Age and Ethnicity 
  12. Worship Wars 8: Swindoll Weighs In
  13. Worship Wars 3: Ending the Worship War without a Truce 
  14. They Are Not Singing Anymore 
  15. Worship Wars 4: It Might Be Time to Move Away from Tradition
  16. Some Hindrances to a Smooth Flow in Worship 
  17. Introducing New Songs
  18. How to Evaluate Songs for Worship
  19. Worship Wars 6: Do We Love Our Traditions More Than We Love People?
  20. Is Your Church “Closed” to Visitors? 



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