Churches across North Carolina are dealing with conflict in worship. Many churches want to make changes in their times of corporate worship, but don’t know what to do. Numerous churches are wrestling with adding worship services and cannot determine what style of worship should be used. A worship conference that is designed to help churches renew their worship as well as retool and prepare for the years ahead is being offered in Southern Pines on Saturday, October 27. This conference is most helpful when pastors attend with their worship teams – musicians, vocalists, directors, etc. It explores how to make adjustments to our times of corporate worship with biblical integrity and musical excellence.

Here is a letter from Chuck Campbell, associational missionary of the Transylvania Baptist Association, especially for pastors and associational missionaries:

Recently the Transylvania Baptist Association had the privilege to host a Worship Leader Boot Camp led by Kenny Lamm, Senior Consultant for Worship and Music Ministry of the Baptist State Convention of NC.

Often one of the least prepared portions of our services is our worship. This is due to many misunderstandings of the foundation, purpose, focus, formation, and organization of corporate worship.  During our training session, Kenny took the time to unpack each of these areas and far more.  This training is ideal for churches that are not only seeking to honor God with their best on Sundays, but also this will help them to find new ways to be culturally relevant in the process. The importance of equipping our leaders cannot be over stated. During this training your worship teams will have the opportunity to revision and retool with many interactive activities that bless staff and volunteers alike. Also, unlike many training events you will not only learn about worship, but it will be modeled as well.

I would highly recommend this event for any church and encourage not only worship leaders and teams to attend but also pastors and directors of missions/associational missionaries. As a church health consultant, I will be encouraging every church I work with to attend this training.  This event accomplishes in two days what often takes months if not longer to achieve. As it was stated by Kenny at the training, “Remember, we worship an audience of One.”


Dr. Chuck Campbell

Associational Missionary

Transylvania Baptist Association


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