While many churches are seeing a decline in choirs and many have abolished the choir, I still believe that a vital worship-leading choir can be a great catalyst to gathered worship. A backdrop of a multitude of people actively praising God encourages the congregation to get involved and participative in their praise. 

I am really excited about this season of the NC Baptist Singers & Orchestra, the worship choir for NC Baptists made up of representatives of churches from across our state. The group is around 120 strong this year. Each night of worship (Monday evenings) begins with an orchestra prelude at 6:45 followed by the service start at 7:00. There is a wide variety of choral music and lots of participation with the congregation throughout the evening of worship.

I would encourage you to attend one of our many worship concerts across the state this year. Make plans to bring your choir, worship team or other groups. Not only will they experience a great night of worship, but it might also be a spark that brings worship renewal to your church.

The first worship concert will be at First Baptist Church, Spring Lake on Monday night, September 12. You can get more details and see the list of upcoming events at NCBSO.org.

Come, help us raise the roof in worship and praise!