Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part Three – iSingWorship

Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part Three – iSingWorship

iSingWorship will provide you with great sounding music from top producers and musicians in congregationally-friendly keys. It will also automatically display the lyrics accurately in perfect sync (no need for separate video presentation software) and, most importantly, allow for highly flexible control of the music. You can even display the chords with the lyrics on screen to use if you play along.


While the song is playing, you can tap on the section of the song you would like to play next, giving you complete flexibility in how the sections of the song will flow. (End by going back to verse 1, repeat a chorus with drums only, insert a quiet instrumental section etc). If you tap on the section that is playing, it will repeat. If you tap on a section a third time will keep it repeating (loop). Occasionally, some sections may be grayed out if they wouldn’t work musically following the currently playing section. This feature is much more advanced than the feature in Worship Band in Hand.

Audio Setting

iSingWorshipshotiSingWorship’s audio mixer is simpler than the other virtual bands, but it does not give you as many options. However, in many settings, it is just what you need. You can choose to have lead vocals assist you at any volume level. You can choose to have accompaniment by full band, by acoustic guitar only, or by band without acoustic guitar (so you can play along).


A great feature of this app is that it will display lyrics to the song. You can display song lyrics on an external screen (TV, computer screen or via a projector) automatically in perfect sync with the music. A range of nice background pictures or simple solid colors can be chosen to display behind the lyrics. Wireless support included via AirPlay mirroring with compatible devices. Only Fly Worship (post coming soon) also gives you a video output option.


Option to display chords (with lyrics) on your device screen alone so they are not seen by the congregation. A further option allows for display of chords on the external screen for band rehearsals.

Key Change

Each song can be played back in a choice of 7 keys. This ensures the vocal ranges will be comfortable for congregations, men’s groups, women’s groups or your own personal worship times. Be sure to choose congregationally friendly keys for your songs.


Prepare your set list of songs in advance – you can have each song play continuously one into the next or insert pauses between any or all of them.

Congregationally Friendly Arrangements

iSingWorship2Musical, natural and fresh sounding arrangements performed and recorded by some of the nation’s top musicians and producers in congregational friendly keys (alternative keys also possible).

Growing Library of Songs

The song library contains some of the the most popular worship songs with many more currently in production. Songs can be purchased from the built-in song store using your iTunes account details. Currently there are only about 80 songs available–far less than the other four virtual worship band options.

Fully licensed congregational versions of songs (includes all instrumental and vocal parts, lyrics, guitar chords and complete flexibility) for $2.99–far more affordable than any of the other virtual worship band options.

Any purchased song may be downloaded again free of charge onto different devices owned by the same person using their iTunes account details.

Final Thoughts 

iSingWorship is a perfect application for many settings–especially those that have no musicians or just an acoustic guitar player. The ability to create playlists, send lyrics to monitor, adjust the arrangement of the song in real time, and to have the option of a vocal part to assist you is incredible for such an inexpensive application and song cost. One major drawback is the limited number of songs available at this time. For many settings, this is the perfect solution.

About The Author

Kenny Lamm

Worship Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. A frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. Extensive work in worship renewal in several Asian countries.


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