A Thom Rainer Podcast

The Worship Guru, Mike Harland (of LifeWayWorship), joins us again today to discuss how you can use your worship ministry to help become a more welcoming church.


Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • The reason we have such a shortage of worship pastors is because the role has changed so much.
  • Your worship ministry can shut down the guest experience and make guests feel like outsiders by only singing original music.
  • When you’re planning a worship service do so through the lens of what a newcomer will experience.
  • Worship ministry can sometimes aim at everything and hit none of it.
  • Excellence in worship is more important than variety.
  • Choir should be more than a worship style—it should be a discipleship strategy.

The four ways you can develop a welcoming worship ministry are:

  1. Avoid “Insider Trading”
  2. Nobody likes Worship Casserole
  3. Tick Tock, the Game is Locked
  4. To Thine Own Self Be true


This podcast episode originally appeared at ThomRainer.com and is used with permission.