Many of these resources were in previous editions of the Worship Leader Handbook for reference use. To make the book smaller and more affordable, I have offloaded most of the reference material to this site. You will also find most of the videos used in the Worship Leader Boot Camp referenced here.

Definitions of Worship

Various Thoughts on Worship

Handbook for Utilizing Technology in Churches with Limited Resources

Heart Attitudes for the Worship Team (Bob Kauflin)

Worship Team Profile

Music Primer Explanation of key signatures, accidentals, transposing instruments, chords in a key, and conducting patterns.

Song Keys for Maximum Participation

Hindrances to Worship

What Worship Leaders Need to Know

The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Fruits of Artists

Free-Flowing Praise – Wimber Five-Phase Model

Excel song list used in WL Boot Camp

Videos used in Worship Summit:


Unified worship is achieved when people of different generations, ethnicities and/or cultures, who possess differing personal preferences, come together to worship God in unity as they lay aside their preferences to achieve a oneness that can be found through the transformational power of the gospel. In doing so, genuine worship takes place.