Fill the Tank invitation from Todd Unzicker:

A note from Kenny Lamm to NC Baptist Worship Leaders:

I am asking worship leaders to help enlist their churches to hold a “Fill the Tank” Sunday on September 12.

I hope you and your church are doing well as you are getting past these past months that have been very challenging! I am reaching out to you to invite you to engage your church on this special Sunday that can help bring life back into our churches.

“Fill the Tank” is a statewide emphasis to see believers baptized on September 12 around the world. Emphasizing baptism on a specific day is a great way to encourage new believers to take the next step of obedience and faith while displaying a picture of the gospel to others. We are asking all NC Baptist churches to pray, plan and prepare for baptism on September 12.

Take a look at this promotional video from our new EDT, Todd Unzicker (linked below). Then, discuss the possibilities with your church staff. I hope you will be able to commit your church to this.

Check out all the resources I have listed below to help you make this day an amazing day. We are praying that God will greatly bless us with a harvest in the coming weeks!


Top Resources:

Links to Additional Resources:

Baptist Faith and Message: Article 7a: Baptism – commentary on Baptist beliefs about baptism.

Baptism Service Planning Guide (click here for Spanish guide) – a downloadable resource from BSCNC and the North American Mission Board (NAMB).

Resources for Baptism Sunday – this was something NAMB produced for an emphasis last year, but the resources are still very viable.

Baptism and Worship – some thoughts from Bob Kauflin on his blog, Worship Matters.

Worship Ideas on the Sacrament of Baptism –  while this comes from a different tradition from Baptists, it has some great ideas that you may wish to incorporate in your service.