The Renewing Worship EXPO will offer classes to help choral leaders in our churches take their choirs to the next level. While you send your choir members to the choir retreat held the same day, take in three classes that will make you a better director.

Choir Leadership

David Hamilton

How to lead your choir well. How to engage and inspire singers of different skill levels. We will discuss different choral sounds— modern gospel, more traditional etc. Rehearsal techniques — conducting choir. SESSION 1

Future of the Choir: Modern Sounds and Unified Hearts

Jen Phelps Johnson

What are you doing to ensure your choir thrives into the future as a vital part of the worship ministry of your church?  This session will discuss many practical tips for a more traditional choir to discover new techniques for a modern sound as well as share concepts of shifting from a mindset of performing to one of leading in worship. SESSION 4.

15 Ways to Get Your Choir to be More Expressive

John Bolin

Offered in SESSION 3