We Have a Point! – Carrie Greening – Working with your pastor & other ministries to focus content around the major message of the Sunday, the sermon, the series. SESSION 3. C215

Doing More with Less – Brad Cleveland – Real-life ministry experiences and new ideas for getting the most out of limited resources. SESSIONS 1 & 3. C227

Multi-Cultural Worship – Oksana Viyuk Field – A conversation about worship on earth as it is in heaven. SESSION 2. C216

Multi-Generational Worship – Travis Cottrell – Planning worship with the generations in mind. It’s more than choosing an old song for the 80-year-old and a new song for the 15-year-old. SESSION 1. D136/138

Worship Manifesto – Luke Roman / Travis Patton – A look at our core ministry values & building a discipleship culture on our teams. SESSION 2. D136/138

Why Evaluate Worship? – David Manner. Worship service evaluation is already occurring in the hallways, parking lots, and at lunch tables after our services. So, why wouldn’t we want to preempt those conversations with an evaluative process that allows us to respond to those questions intentionally instead of defensively? SESSION 4. D136/138

How to Thrive in Ministry  – Jonathan Welch. Ministry is not easy, but it’s worth it. Learn how to make ministry sustainable, avoid burnout, and thrive for years to come. SESSION 3. C215

What’s At Stake On Sunday Morning? – Joe Crider. Do we gather to sing songs, and listen to a sermon? Or, do we gather to engage in a formational, life-changing dialogue with the Triune God of the universe who invited us to worship Him and made the way possible through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit? In this session, we will consider the stewardship and responsibility of worship leadership and ultimately what’s at stake in the lives of our people when we gather. SESSION 1. C216

Why Do We Gather?– Joe Crider. The answer may seem obvious…but you might be surprised at the number of people in your church who can’t give a solid biblical response to that question. What’s even more concerning is there are worship leaders and pastors who have not thought deeply about that question. Answering the “why” is a vital priority before we plan an work on the “how” we do Sunday worship. SESSION 4. C216

Using the Psalms in Christian Worship– Joshua Waggener. Consider how this Old Testament resource at the center of your Bible can help you to plan and lead Christ-focused and Scripture-driven corporate worship for the New Testament church. SESSION 2. C218

Strategically Selecting a “Canon” of Songs for Local Church Worship – Joshua Waggener. Your church can only sing a limited number of songs well. So what songs should we sing? This session will help you to envision a process and standards for selecting songs for congregational worship. SESSION 4. C218

Church/Life Balance – Charley Lowry. For those who are called to lead and love outside of a church profession. “Follower = Minister: Being A Minister Outside Of Church Vocation.” SESSION 1. C220

7 Pillars of Worship Ministry – John Bolin. Biblical foundations for the “why” of worship ministries. SESSION 4. C220


Choir Leadership – David Hamilton – How to lead your choir well. How to engage and inspire singers of different skill levels. We will discuss different choral sounds— modern gospel, more traditional etc. Rehearsal techniques — conducting choir. SESSION 1. C215

15 Ways to Get Your Choir to be More Expressive – John Bolin. SESSION 3. C220

Future of the Choir: Modern Sounds and Unified Hearts – Jen Phelps Johnson. What are you doing to ensure your choir thrives into the future as a vital part of the worship ministry of your church?  This session will discuss many practical tips for a more traditional choir to discover new techniques for a modern sound as well as share concepts of shifting from a mindset of performing to one of leading in worship. SESSION 4. C227


Songwriting – Justin Tweito  – A workshop: writing songs for the church today and tomorrow. SESSION 1. D128/130


Student Worship Band – Matt Holland – Let’s talk about all things student worship leading. Join for a conversation and some insights into forming, disicpling, and utilizing students leading worship in your church. (students & adults). SESSION 1. C224

Foundations of Student Worship – Matt Holland – Students leading students is an effective model of worship leadership to the younger generation. Learn some key foundations that are vital to the health of your student worship band/ministry. (students & adults). SESSION 3. C224


Worship Band Masterclass – Brentwood Baptist Church Worship Band – People stay in the sanctuary after opening worship and the band will lead a session. SESSION 4. Worship Center

Drums and Bass – Daniel Sibrian & Justin Tweito – Find the heartbeat of the worship band in this Drums and Bass dual masterclass. SESSION 2. D211

Play Like a Bass Player – Jonathan Welch. Foundational principles for playing bass in a worship band. Plus, we’ll also talk about how to add tasteful, stylistic elements to any worship song. SESSION 1. B204

Foundations of Acoustic Guitar – Carlos Gallardo-Candia. Focus on the core principles of acoustic guitar playing. Gain a solid understanding of essential techniques for chord-playing and more, laying the groundwork for your musical and worship leadership journey ahead. SESSION 1. D215

Playing Keys – David Hamilton – Leading in worship/playing in the band, using your piano skills. How to be a great synth player. Improvisation and accompaniment, reading charts, playing different styles well, accompanying a choir/vocal rehearsal well. SESSION 2. D215

Two Drum Classes (more information) – Nikao Wallace  [Understanding the Drum Set  SESSION 3. D211.  Practical Drum Set Coordination SESSION 1. D211 ]


The Ultimate Vocalist – Sheri Gould –  Want to become the ultimate vocalist? Come and learn this easy 5 step program. With these five simple yet effective tools, you will be on your way to becoming the ultimate vocalist! SESSION 1. Choir room

The 10 Best Exercises For Worship Leaders – Sheri Gould –  Ten exercises to get you to your best voice everyday! SESSION 3. Choir room

5 Steps to Tight Vocals – Sheri Gould –  5 Tips designed to help your team get the tight vocals you’ve always wanted. These tips are simple and so easy to use that you can start with some of them this Sunday! SESSION 4. Choir room


What Happened to All My Notes? Navigating Chord Charts and Lead Sheets for the Church Pianist – Ken Renfrow – Three parts. Learn more here.

Church pianists are being called upon more frequently to realize accompaniments for hymns and gospel songs from a chord chart or lead sheet. This skill requires a thorough knowledge of chords, chord voicings, and chord inversions. Since the piano keyboard is the ultimate audio-visual aid for understanding functional music theory, we will explore ways to use it as the perfect vehicle for building functional skills for the church pianist.

  • Part One: Understanding Chords, Inversions, and Voicing covers the building blocks of harmony in their various forms. We’ll also demonstrate the importance of chord progressions in accomplishing this task. SESSION 1. B201
  • Part Two: Understanding Lead Sheet and Chord Chart Notation deals with these alternate forms of notation. No longer are all the notes provided; we now have to play them using the knowledge we learned in session 1. SESSION 2. B201
  • Part Three: Q & A/Masterclass provides a low-pressure environment where you can ask questions and try your hands at playing a song from a chord chart and/or lead sheet; a chance to synthesize all we covered in the first 2 sessions. SESSION 4. B201


Simple Steps to Increase Production Value – Adam Dye / Aidan McKernan – Best practices for increasing the production value in your worship services & cultivating an innovative and excellent production team. SESSIONS 1 & 2. C222

Ableton, Tracks and Stems – Travis Patton – Learning to use Ableton & discovering best practices for incorporating tracks and stems into your worship services. SESSION 1. C218

Mastering Home Studio Recording – Carlos Gallardo-Candia – Explore techniques to optimize your equipment, tap into the potential of AI audio, and integrate purpose into your process. Here, you’ll learn to enhance your home recording and production skills, regardless of your DAW, and create exceptional recordings for your team and your church. SESSION 3. C222

Why Does It Sound So Bad? Top Reasons for Bad Church Sound  – Doug Gould. No matter what you do, does it seem like you will never grasp the concepts and techniques necessary to provide the best mix for your church? Let’s look at some reasons why that may be the case and what are some of the common-sense approaches to get you closer to where you want to be. SESSION 1. C214

Modern Mixing  – Doug Gould. Digital mixers are pervasive and offer and an array of features and benefits that analog can’t match. Are they expensive? No, there are models for every budget and application no matter how small or large and because of their scalability can actually grow as the church expand? Are they difficult to operate? They used to but now they are easier to operate in some respects than analog boards. Find out all the things you can do with these modern devices. You will be amazed. SESSION 3. C214

Improving the Audio for Your Livestream Broadcast  – Doug Gould. Many people check your church out via your livestream before ever deciding to visit. Unfortunately, too often churches do not provide great audio on their streams and the result is often undesirable. This class will help you improve the quality of your stream’s audio. SESSION 4. C214

Livestreaming Basics – Jonathan Boggs. Are you trying to start livestreaming your church’s worship services? This session will go through the basic components of a church friendly livestreaming setup, sharing practical tips to help your church better share the gospel in a digital space. SESSION 1. C217

Getting Started with Creative Video – Jonathan Boggs. Videos are a powerful tool to help share stories that can inspire your community and share your identity. This session will help you to get started with creative video production by going through what you need to be successful, and how to use the right equipment to create impactful videos for your church’s ministries. SESSION 2. C217

Video Editing Basics – Jonathan Boggs. So you’ve spent days recording video clips for a project, now what? This session will help you better understand what you need for an efficient editing workstation, and is full of practical tips for common edits you may have to make in a project. All editing tips will be shown in Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects. SESSION 4. C217


There will be sessions for preschool choir and for elementary choir. Learn more here. Preschool choir leaders will meet in B205/7/9. Elementary choir leaders will meet in the Youth space on the second floor of building C.