Here is the second installment of the audio recordings of the breakout classes at the 2023 Renewing Worship EXPO. Check out the previous posts:

General Worship Leadership



Simple Steps to Increase Production Value – Adam Dye / Aidan McKernan

Best practices for increasing the production value in your worship services & cultivating an innovative and excellent production team.

Ableton, Tracks and Stems – Travis Patton

Learning to use Ableton & discovering best practices for incorporating tracks and stems into your worship services.

Mastering Home Studio Recording – Carlos Gallardo-Candia

Explore techniques to optimize your equipment, tap into the potential of AI audio, and integrate purpose into your process. Here, you’ll learn to enhance your home recording and production skills, regardless of your DAW, and create exceptional recordings for your team and your church.

Why Does It Sound So Bad? Top Reasons for Bad Church Sound – Doug Gould

No matter what you do, does it seem like you will never grasp the concepts and techniques necessary to provide the best mix for your church? Let’s look at some reasons why that may be the case and what are some of the common-sense approaches to get you closer to where you want to be.

Note: We are currently missing the audio from Doug Gould’s other two classes.
If it is discovered, it will be posted here at a later date.

Livestreaming Basics – Jonathan Boggs

Are you trying to start livestreaming your church’s worship services? This session will go through the basic components of a church friendly livestreaming setup, sharing practical tips to help your church better share the gospel in a digital space.

Getting Started with Creative Video – Jonathan Boggs

Videos are a powerful tool to help share stories that can inspire your community and share your identity. This session will help you to get started with creative video production by going through what you need to be successful, and how to use the right equipment to create impactful videos for your church’s ministries.

Video Editing Basics – Jonathan Boggs

So you’ve spent days recording video clips for a project, now what? This session will help you better understand what you need for an efficient editing workstation, and is full of practical tips for common edits you may have to make in a project. All editing tips will be shown in Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects.