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Join our online community of NC Baptist Worship Leaders. Click here. is one of the best resources for worship leaders. Take a good look at it and take advantage of this coupon code for 7 free downloads worthy up to $3.00 each (must be used in one order). Expiration December 31, 2023. Learn more about this resource.



0% off entire website (Use code:NC20) – That includes books, anthems, tracks, orchestrations, audio stems and rehearsal tracks.  Also, if you join our digital or physical choral club today – you’ll receive 25% off your entire first order.  Either way, you are saving big on your music budget.  Call Marvin if you have any specific questions at 1-800-251-3633, or order online at  Expires October 31, 2023.

Join the Brentwood Benson Choral Club by October 25th to be among the first to receive the brand new Russell Mauldin Ready To Sing Collection, 15 Songs from The Great American Church Songbook, along with Easter 2024 Musicals and Anthems! Visit or call 800-846-7664 to join the Brentwood Benson Choral Club at a special introductory rate of $89.95!

Check out their free resources page—on it are videos you are welcome to download and use in services, small groups, etc. They also offer a 10% discount on any church’s first project with them—just let them know they heard about us through the Renewing Worship EXPO.

Check out their website ( or the application website.

For more information about the Southwestern School of Church Music and Worship at this link. Meanwhile, enjoy this music video of “Only a Holy God” recorded by Southwestern A Cappella. For those interested in Dr. Joe Crider’s book, Scripture-Guided Worship, copies may be purchased at this link.


Book Helps Worship Teams Evaluate Worship Services

Better Sundays Begin on Mondays: 52 Exercises for Evaluating Weekly Worship offers foundational worship considerations to help leadership teams ask questions evaluatively rather than defensively. These weekly reflections encourage worship leaders and their teams to think beyond style to biblical and theological worship content.

Print and E-Version copies are available here.

David is a frequent contributor to this blog and the keynote speaker at the 2023 EXPO.