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Drama Resources

Drama Resources

The last two weeks I have been sharing a variety of worship resources. This week, I have compiled a number of Christian drama resources to assist churches that utilize drama from time to time in their services.

Cost: F=free, P=separately priced items, S=subscription Christian dramas and scripts for Christmas, Easter and other events available for purchase. P Christian Publishers, formerly known as Contemporary Drama Service, Today, with over 700 titles in print, Christian Publishers has grown to become the leading source of Christmas and Easter plays and musicals for all ages and all denominations. The company now offers all-season dramas, children’s programs and liturgies, liturgical dance programs, banner liturgies and youth ministry activities. Recent additions include Christian dinner theatre programs, reader’s theatre, clown, mime and puppet resources, and Christian drama books. P  A number of free sketches, monologues and poems by a single author. F Drama scripts for Christian Bible studies, retreats,
dinner theater, or sermon illustrations for purchase.  P This site has amassed more than 800 scripts by more than 100 authors spanning almost 100 different topics, for any and every season—and they’re all searchable in an incredibly powerful database.  S A vast resource for royalty-free Christian drama scripts, skits, sketches, sermon starters, and full length drama.   P,S  Dramatix has an enormous collection of royalty-free scripts written from a Christian world-view. While the great majority are truly available free of charge, the authors of a small number do request a payment. In these cases, the details are noted on the sample script listed in the database.  FP Over 140 drama scripts are downloadable for purchase. P Downloadable scripts to purchase. Search by topic, title, and scripture. Visit each month for a free script.  P (F) This site is geared towards full scale Christian drama productions. They offer more than 1,200 plays and musicals, each uniquely suited for production by schools, churches, community theatre groups and children’s theatres.   P Richmond Park Church Drama Group’s collection of original drama sketch scripts available for free.  F The Skit Guys have been busy writing and collecting scripts for over 10 years. We have a wide range of church dramas and skits that can be performed for almost any occasion.   P


Need help with stage makeup for these special presentations?

Take a look at this primer, referred to us by Claire Martin, with lots of additional links to resources. A Beginner’s Guide to Stage Makeup

About The Author

Kenny Lamm

Worship Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. A frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. Extensive work in worship renewal in several Asian countries.


  1. Carl Verge PhD

    I have written a number of poems that pastors could use in sermons or use in drama. They are Christian poems that speak of the son of Abraham, the blood on the door to save the children, the baptism of Jesus in the river, the death of Jesus and the eternal home of heaven. I am a retired president of Bible College .

  2. Carl Verge PhD

    In a number of years ago I wrote a variety of poems that speak of the Lamb of God. Some time ago I read them again and it came to me to use them in a number of ways. They could be used by pastors in their messages, find a place for them in church bulletins, use them at Easter time and use them in drama. The poems are written in rhymed couplets and in the metric of Chuacer.


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