Many churches struggle with whether or not the choir should be a part of their future. While I don’t believe that it should be a part of every church, there are some compelling reasons for a church to utilize a worship-leading choir in their times of worship.

To help with some of the reasons a choir can be a great blessing to a church, Mark Condon has allowed me to reprint an article he wrote some time back addressing this issue.

“Do We Still Need Choirs? I am asked almost every week in my travels about choirs vs. praise teams. Is choir still relevant? Should we keep working to make this happen? Are we behind-the-times by having a choir?

My answer in short is YES, we still need choirs!!!! Keep working for these reasons.

  1. Although I admit keeping people committed can be a challenge, it is a healthy way to involve many people in your church where they would possibly just sit and become unengaged and not have a place to belong.
  2. There is nothing like a full choir loft with an army of worshipers leading your church in passionate worship. It just speaks loud to every guest that this church has a lot of very committed people who love to worship!
  3. It teaches the power of team work with your people. It is amazing what average singers can do when they rehearse and work together and bring harmony. There are many lessons learned here.
  4. In many churches I believe it reveals the health of the church. People who are involved in choir are often some of the most committed to that congregation. They seem to hold many hats in other areas of the church. When they slack in their attendance it is often a great thermometer of where their heart and passion is in relationship with God. Yes, it’s just easier to let other people do the work.
  5. A great choir will attract and influence new people to your church. “…If I be lifted up…I will draw…” A great choir and worship department is often the leading reason people initially enjoy your church and want to come back.
  6. It is a great place for fellowship and discipleship. It builds relationships and solidifies people. It is basically a “small group.”
  7. A full choir loft creates energy in your services and ministers to everyone and we know that energy is…contagious!
  8. There are so many songs with such POWERFUL life changing messages that can only be delivered through an anointed choir.
  9. It builds character to be faithful, accountable and future leaders in other areas of the church. (one of my most faithful choir members now pastors Turnpoint. He proved for years his heart, his passion and his strong leadership. Now, I work for him.)
  10. Once you get there and get the song learned it is enjoyable and fulfilling to bless others!”

Do you think choirs can/should be viable part of worship in today’s church? Why or why not?